Here you’ll find news related to marijuana legalization and impacts in the US:

2016 Presidential Canidates in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization or Legalization

Advanced Monitoring for Plant Growth

Cannabis Treatment Allows 9-Year-Old Boy To Speak

DOJ Gives OK To Native American Tribes To Grow MJ

Full Baked? Ben & Jerry’s OK with Weed Ice Cream

Give Me That Real Sticky-Icky [Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana]

Marijuana and Pet Safety: Are You Prepared?

Marijuana Industry: Where Millennials Can Succeed

Marijuana Stays Legal If We Follow Some Basic Rules

Medical MJ No Longer Banned in the US

The High Times’ Petition to Free Non-Violent Prisoners on Marijuana Charges

Recreational Marijuana Normalized Through New Stock Photos

Recreational Tax Impacts

Smoking Weed Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

The Future of Pre-Employment Drug Screening?

Understanding Marijuana Legalization [Video]


California Not Chasing After Marijuana-Related DUIs

California Preparing for Marijuana Legalization


Colorado Chamber of Commerce Speaks Out Against Over-Regulation of Edibles


Georgia Opens Up MMJ


What Mile Are You At? 419.9, In Idaho


Massachusetts Next to Legalize?


Michigan Rep Considers Writing Legal Weed Bill


Oregon Boards the Train: Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Oregon Court Rules Marijuana Smoke Not Offensive to Neighbors


Rolling Hemp Hills in Tennessee’s Future?


Get Those Utah Rabbits Off That Weed!


Are Washington’s Weed Testing Procedures Comprehensive?

Snoop Dogg Visits Renton, WA Weed Store

Why No Weed in Clarkston?

World News:

Bipartisan Support for MJ in Italy

How Marijuana Use Differs Around the World

The Race for Marijuana Legalization: Canada vs. Mexico

Any recent news we missed? Write about it! Email TokeTank [at] hotmail [dot] com for details.

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