Essentials to Prep Your Perfect 420 Party!

It’s 420 week, and we’re sure you’re itching to celebrate! Make sure to check out our 420 essentials below, and plan your party with the best new products that your friends, fam, and crew are sure to love! What’s on your 420 party essentials list? Share with us on socials!

Get Into the De-Stress Zone with Next Evo Stress Complex

Firstly, welcome your guests with an offer to de-stress and fade away the day, to help them prepare for a fully chill and relaxed 420 vibe. Next Evo has the perfect Stress CBD Complex formulation that makes it easy to melt away your anxieties.

Create an Immersive Atmosphere with AUXO Cenote

In addition to a seamless dabbing experience, AUXO Cenote is one of our favorite 420 gathering essentials because of its unique immersive light show experience! It cycles from colors of the rainbow and gets really fun when the lights are out. Trust us, you need this one (or two, or three!) at your 420 gathering this year!

Check out our full review of the product here.

Get Slanted with Kynn

The recent 2nd place winner of the High Times Hemp Cup 2023, Kynn’s disposable vapes are perfect for tucking into a pocket and bringing to the party! PS we love the Watermelon flavor!

Stock Up on Rolling Papers with Canadian Lumber

We’ve searched far and wide, and have found the ultimate rolling paper. Not all paper are equal, and Canadian Lumber is our fav. We love The Hippy – although The Woods and The Greens are also fantastic – it’s durable and strong, easy to use, and tastes delicious! Plus, who can get over that lumberjack vibe? LOL

Wow With the Artwork That is American Made Glass

It can be tough to find quality glass pieces that are beautiful, durable, and made in the USA. The majority comes from overseas and while it’s cheap, it doesn’t last. This American Made Glass also doubles as artwork, and your guests are sure to be impressed!

Find Your Center with Vessel Core

Vessel is one of our favorite solid, affordable and dependable vape brands. We have several Cores in different colors! Pick your vibe color, snap on your favorite 510 cart flavor (we love Pineapple Express on 420), and compare with friends at the 420 party!

Offer Handheld Vaping with CCELL Palm Pro

You can never have too many handheld vapes, especially since you’ll want everyone to have one, so make sure to add some variety with the CCELL Palm Pro. It’s an evolution of their fan favorite Palm device, and packs a powerful punch. Add some variety to your 510 carts as well with some classic favs like OG Kush or Jack Herer!

Tuck In with Neno’s CBD Sleep Gummies

At the end of the night, everyone can enjoy a Neno’s Naturals CBD Sleep Gummy to grab as they head home for the evening (or before tucking in for a fam sleepover!) It’s the perfect chill way to end your 420 festivities (or any night you could use a boost for some extra rest!)


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