Toke Tank is based in Eastern Washington, but #TokeTankTravels often, and far. Of all the places we’ve been, here’s a list of legal pot shops we love and support (so far!):

Clarkston, WA: 

Greenfield Company.


Elma, WA:

Miller’s Marijuana


Ocean Shores, WA:

Have a Heart Ocean Shores– Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2016 Best Pot Shop


Pullman, WA:

MJ’s Pot Shop – Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Best Pot Shop

We’re Just Buds 

Satori Pullman – Newly Opened!

Bud Hut –  Newly Opened!


Seattle, WA:

American Mary

Dockside Cannabis

Herban Legends

Ocean Greens


Spokane, WA:

Cannabis & Glass


Green Star Cannabis

Royal’s Cannabis


Spokane Green Leaf


Don’t see your shop on the list? Reach out to us at TokeTank [at] hotmail [dot] com and we’ll stop by!

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