Announcing Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Winners!

Happy 420!


We’d like to share the results of the 1st annual Toke Tank Green Gold Award, where we showcase our favorites found over the last year. The categories are Best Indica Strain, Best Sativa Strain and Best Pot Shop in Washington. The winners are:

Toke Tank Green Gold Award for Best Indica Strain

Purple Jolly Rancher, Grown by Buddy Boy Farm

A sticky, sweet and silly strain, Purple Jolly Rancher is Indica at its finest! We found this to be the truest body high that brought endless giggles and enjoyment. Smoke Purple Jolly Rancher and prepare to get silly!

Toke Tank Green Gold Award for Best Sativa Strain

Space Queen, Grown by Phat Panda

A truly interdimensional high, Space Queen brought us to another realm. We hopped aboard the Space Queen with one hit and were soaring through its Sativa waves. A strong head high with smooth smoke, Space Queen was one to remember.

Toke Tank Green Gold Award for Best Pot Shop in Washington

MJ’s Pot Shop, Pullman, WA

We had to tip out hat to our first legal pot shop experience. MJ’s down to earth and knowledgeable budtenders are warm and welcoming to be around. We love to get our bud from Pullman’s first pot shop where we can always find something new. MJ’s Pot Shop is in Pullman, Washington.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Much peace and love from Toke Tank!


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