Take in the Trash

One individual’s trash is another’s treasure.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Trash strain, this one grown by Phat Panda is anything but—it’s a keeper for sure. This weed is euphoric, long-lasting, inquisitive and relaxing; like surfing through your mind for answers. Couchlock and deep relaxation are common. Continue reading Take in the Trash

Seattle’s 25th Annual HEMPFEST Recap

The quarter century mark for Seattle’s HEMPFEST, the annual free speech protestival, went off without a hitch. Thousands of cannabis supporters poured onto the Seattle waterfront for three days of marijuana related booths, hemp education, live local music, banging loudspeakers, company swag and more. The world’s largest marijuana related event was truly a sight to see as the sun shined down on everyone’s happy day. This was lucky, since last year’s event had been barraged by pouring rain. Continue reading Seattle’s 25th Annual HEMPFEST Recap

A Slice of Golden Pineapple

Exotic, uplifting, fruity, euphoric

Searching for a great summer weed that will make you feel like you’re lounging around on vacation? Look no further than Golden Pineapple, a Sativa grown by Phat Panda. Straight out of their “Frost Factory,” this strain has a sky high THC percentage and large local following. With a strong pineapple aroma and full fruit flavor, it gets you high as a kite as soon as you light it. Continue reading A Slice of Golden Pineapple

Gorilla Glue-d to the Couch

Stronger, Faster.

Like a gorilla charging through the jungle, the Gorilla Glue strain (grown by Phat Panda) makes you feel in charge and in control of your world. Named as such for its ability to make the user feel glued to the couch, it is also quite powerful, euphoric and long-lasting.

Info to Know: Gorilla Glue, not to be confused with this weed strain, is a brand of thick and strong adhesive glue. It indeed is stronger, and faster. Continue reading Gorilla Glue-d to the Couch

Announcing Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Winners!

Happy 420!


We’d like to share the results of the 1st annual Toke Tank Green Gold Award, where we showcase our favorites found over the last year. The categories are Best Indica Strain, Best Sativa Strain and Best Pot Shop in Washington. The winners are: Continue reading Announcing Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Winners!