Roll 420 Joints for 4/20!

Just kidding – that would take forever. But seriously, this roll-your-own home joint machine is amazing! Roll as your heart desires.

There are a lot more of us that enjoy a nice joint than can roll a good one from scratch. The Otto is a joint rolling machine that even grinds the buds for you. Simply throw in some buds in the top, an empty cone in the bottom, snap together, press the button, and you have a perfect joint. This machine makes creating joints so easy that we might have to start smoking more of them. Continue reading Roll 420 Joints for 4/20!

“Hey, Hand Me That Allen Wrench”


It grabs your mind and will become your new “fix-it-all” strain.

Are you a lover of productive, energetic sativa strains like we are? A strong strain like Allen Wrench is a special enjoyment. It’s got the sour flavor of a diesel strain and the fruity treat of a candy. You’ll find it hits you like a hammer and wrenches your heart like a beautiful song. Continue reading “Hey, Hand Me That Allen Wrench”

Weed Candy in WA is Saved! (For Now)

As we previously reported, infused candy and gummy edibles were about to be banned in Washington State by the Washington Liquor Cannabis Board, without input from the public or cannabis industry. This announcement incited panic in the industry as a whole back in October. Continue reading Weed Candy in WA is Saved! (For Now)

Best Weed Strains for Watching Fireworks

Summer has kicked off and the 4th of July is upon us!

If you’re trying to light up your green like fireworks on the 4th of July, you’ll love this list of the best strains for the holiday. Grab your gear, some friends and one of these great cannabis strains to celebrate the occasion. Continue reading Best Weed Strains for Watching Fireworks

Worshiping the Holy Trinity


Warm, Comforting, and Memorable

A popular marijuana strain that can be hard to track down, Holy Trinity is powerful, elevating, and pleasant. While the genetics of this breed is something of a mystery, it’s rumored to be a trustworthy combination of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. Continue reading Worshiping the Holy Trinity

Herban Planet Launches Marijuana Into Space (Because They Can)

Winning the “Most Interesting Weed News” Award today, Herban Planet has successfully launched Space Weed Bro marijuana into space. Why? Because they can, and to promote the launch of their new products, which will be available for purchase exclusively at Level Up dispensary in Phoenix. Continue reading Herban Planet Launches Marijuana Into Space (Because They Can)

Fall Harvest Means Cannabis Testing Laboratories Running at Full Capacity

This guest article was provided by Kaylei Conor, a writer on the legal cannabis landscape.

EVIO Labs across the country prepare for farmers bounty.

Author – Kaylei Conor (@kayleiconor)

September means football season for fans who love the NFL and NCAA, and it also means back to school for millions of college students. In recent years, September has also come to mean that it’s harvest season for the nation’s newest legal cash crops: Cannabis.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only data generated from the annual fall cannabis harvest was that of arrest records published by law enforcement and photo-ops of thousands of cannabis plants seized by the DEA.  This year, Wall Street research analysts will have their eyes glued on the results of this year’s coast-to-coast cannabis harvest like never before, as more and more cannabis and cannabis-related deals are trading on public exchanges for investors to take advantage of what is arguably the fastest growing agricultural sector in the world. Continue reading Fall Harvest Means Cannabis Testing Laboratories Running at Full Capacity

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Work Out High

Are you seeking the ultimate runner’s high? We’ve shared about a gym that allows cannabis use in the past, but do you know what actually happens to your body when you light up before working up a sweat? Continue reading This is What Happens to Your Body When You Work Out High

Is it Okay for Budtenders to Consume on the Job?

In states where budtenders can legally sell cannabis to adults, there’s a big question clouding the air: should those weed salespeople be allowed to consume cannabis on the job? Surely there are some benefits to being able to enjoy green while working, which include a relaxed attitude, more social interactions with customers, better knowledge of the product and more. But could cannabis use prove to be a problem in legal dispensaries? Continue reading Is it Okay for Budtenders to Consume on the Job?

Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Seeking a well-balanced, euphoric marijuana strain? Try Mind Fiesta, a hybrid! It brings happiness, bliss and relaxation. Check out our video below and read the full strain review here. Continue reading Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta