Cannabis Science Conference Returns to Portland, Oregon – April 19-21

The Cannabis Science Conference is returning to the Portland Expo Center this April 19-21, and will covers scientific pillars such as analytical, medical, cultivation in cannabis, along with psychedelics!

Psychedelic medicine is an emerging therapeutic discipline that’s largely grown under the radar, with Oregon as the epicenter of the research (although even Texas is looking to get in on the action).

Psychedelics program sessions include: 

  • Psychedelics and Sports Medicine with Dr. Denise Vidot
  • Psychedelics in Asia: Taboo or Early Adopter? with Dr. Aimon Kopera
  • MDMA/Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: The Path to Potential FDA Approval with Dr. Sue Sisley, MD
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy from an integrative medical clinic (panel discussion)

Cannabis Science Conference’s bread and butter is cannabis science for all skill levels, and the analytical cannabis and cultivation-focused sessions include: 

Before the show, a full day immersive experience called Canna Boot Camp will allow attendees to get an inside look at analytical testing ins and outs, before the show, in a smaller group setting.

Canna Boot Camp will be held at ChemHistory, Oregon’s premier testing laboratory, and features hands-on learning experience in the areas of:

  • Analytical Testing: Understand the importance of rigorous testing protocols
  • Sample Prep: Gain valuable insights into accurate and efficient sample preparation
  • Cultivation: Master the art of growing high-quality cannabis plants – presented by Dr. Zacariah Hildenbrand and Christian West
  • Extraction: Explore the science behind producing potent and pure extracts

Sign up to attend Cannabis Science Conference here, and get 50% off your Canna Boot Camp ticket via this link using the discount code: BONUS50


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