The Best New High Tech Cannabis Vapes on the Market Today

It’s no secret that there’s a widespread negative connotation with vaping in the US, thanks in part to the ill-fated saga of Juul. In addition to the heavy missteps of the tobacco industry marketing vapes in fun flavors to kids, even the cannabis industry has had its fair share of controversy with vaping. 

However, cannabis vapes are a different beast, and in fact can be one of the “cleanest” ways to consume cannabis, without inhaling harsh burnt plant material and carbon, and leaving your lungs thanking you with a lighter vapor and control of temperature. Low-temp vaping is on the rise, and can even increase and enhance the varied terpene profiles in your cannabis oil or flower material!

In a major advance in cannabis technology, vape manufacturers like CCELL®, are finding new ways to use tech to innovate how portable vape batteries and cartridges are made in order to make them safer to use and build consumer confidence. They’ve created a proprietary ceramic heating element that significantly reduces the risk of burns and explosions and provides a smoother vaping experience.

The AUXO™ Cira is a fabulous option on the market with customized technology. Specifically designed to provide users with experience-enhancing consumption, the Cira vaporizer combines high-quality materials like borosilicate glass, titanium, and quartz, and features a distinctive anti-scalding wave design.

It offers a heating range of 450 – 1000℉, allowing you to be in full control of the temperature, and features an extended heating mode that enables you to keep the heat temperature and extend your sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle (great for if you want a temperature boost or to share with friends). AUXO™ boasts its own proprietary Heating Wire Technology that enhances flavor and safety.

Auxo’s Cira Smart Rig

For those who prefer to vape their ground herbs over oil, the way mother nature intended, the new AUXO Calent dry herb vaporizer heats up quickly, in about 6 seconds, and pairs with the AUXO Connect App for an easy and convenient experience. 

It has four preset heat settings, a sleek aluminum body, and ultimate customization – the vape’s “Pro-Mode” lets you design your own 40-second heating curve for more dynamic temperature variation. Calent’s battery life lasts for up to thirty 50-second sessions, a very competitive battery life compared to others on the market. 

AUXO’s Calent Vaporzier

For those who like to change their mind often, or have a varied temp sesh, RIZO, a new dual-heat cannabis vaporizer battery that features a slide switch to shift quickly between temperature settings for maximum flavor and potency while avoiding the burnt taste associated with vaping. 

CCELL’s RIZO Vaporizer

And for cannabis lovers who are all about the Delta-8 THC craze, there’s Kynn, a new Delta-8 THC brand, which brings world-leading hardware and 100% federally compliant formulas, offered in various terpene-infused distillate oil flavors like Watermelon Z, Biscotti, Strawberry Cough, King Louis XIII, Gelato, and Blue Dream.

Kynn’s Delta-8 Vaporizers

Safety First: How do consumers know if their portable vape battery is safe?

  • Make sure your vape’s temperature settings are adjustable and user friendly
  • Ensure it’s made with high-quality components: Check to ensure your vape was manufactured with FDA and RoHS certified raw materials. 
  • Check to see that the battery’s manufacturers have disclosed their various strict safety and stability tests including capacity test, short circuit test, impact test, extrusion test, and heating tests

What is your favorite high-tech vape on the market today? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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