Essentials to Prep Your Perfect 420 Party!

It’s 420 week, and we’re sure you’re itching to celebrate! Make sure to check out our 420 essentials below, and plan your party with the best new products that your friends, fam, and crew are sure to love! What’s on your 420 party essentials list? Share with us on socials!

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Review of AUXO Cenote Vaporizer – Luxury Vaping at Its Finest

The AUXO Cenote is an innovative, portable dry herb vaporizer. This compact vape is designed for ease of use and provides a delicious vapor from quality cannabis extracts. It offers precise temperature control and a fast heating time so you can enjoy your favorite herbs whenever and wherever you want. We tried it out and here is what we think!

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The Best New High Tech Cannabis Vapes on the Market Today

It’s no secret that there’s a widespread negative connotation with vaping in the US, thanks in part to the ill-fated saga of Juul. In addition to the heavy missteps of the tobacco industry marketing vapes in fun flavors to kids, even the cannabis industry has had its fair share of controversy with vaping. 

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Exploring CBD Wellness with Cultivate Hemp Products

CBD and wellness are hot on trend right now, with many new products coming out that offer potential relief for a variety of ailments. Relax and enjoy the effects of Cultivate’s hemp-derived CBD oil products. The Soothing Balm allows you to soak in all the good while the bad washes away. The pleasant sensation of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil is combined with a nice balance of cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, peppermint oil, arnica, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and aloe for a combination that really works. Continue reading Exploring CBD Wellness with Cultivate Hemp Products

Reinvented One-Hitter is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Sleek Leather Dugout and SilverStick Pipes for Discreet Smoking on the Go

Looking for a great gift for your smoking buddies? For those who enjoy taking toking out with them on their travels, curating a travel kit has been a great way to stash your stuff with style. Dugouts have become a popular way to carry your items as they are very small and built to have just enough room to carry everything you need. Standard dugouts come with a glass one-hitter, lighter and a poker. A plastic case keeps everything safe and secure as you explore what the world has to offer. Continue reading Reinvented One-Hitter is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

How to Choose the Perfect Pot #BookReview

What weed should you choose? This guide can help.

We live in an exciting time in history with cannabis legalization happening to some degree all over the world. But with the wide range of new companies, products and consumption options available to consumers on pot shop shelves, how can the average customer figure out what is right for their cannabis needs? Luckily, there is a new resource that can help weed (pun intended) through the variety. This Bud’s for You written by Ed Rosenthal, celebrates legal marijuana and provides insightful information about a range of marijuana topics. Continue reading How to Choose the Perfect Pot #BookReview

Flying High with Vie [Vaporizer Review]

Simple Plug & Play, Great Vapor Action 

The new Vie Vaporizer is an affordable, compact vaporizer that will bring you to new heights. Using this vape’s capsule technology feels like what you might take with you on your mission to outer space.


In many ways this vaporizer is a simple plug and play smoking apparatus, which is hard to find among the wide variety of vapes that seem to require an advanced degree in robotics.

Diving into the Vie Vaporizer

Vie Vape

Product Description: A discrete and compact cannabis vaporizer with multiple capsules to keep you going. The Vie Vaporizer has built in temperature setting technology for you to set yourself up with an optimal hit every time. While the herb capsules are disposable, making it great for travel, feel free to re-use them for as long as you please.

Ease of Use: Those with higher levels of dexterity will really enjoy this vaporizer. The space-efficient design allows you to open up the flower or concentrate capsules, fill with your favorite strains, place it back into the vaporizer and enjoy a personalized vaping experience with ease and simplicity. The vapor is thick and satisfying, while the hardware is durable and inexpensive.

Hardware (What’s In the Box):

  • Vie Vaporizer smoking chamber
  • 3 flower capsules with carrying tubes
  • 1 concentrate capsule with carrying tube
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning tools,
  • Oder Control Cap


For an elevated herbal vaping experience without breaking the bank, Vie is the way to go. Find out more information about Vie and their new vaporizer technology here.


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Thanks to Vie for providing a review unit.



Chant Along with Marley Natural

Liberate Your Sound

Imagine this: you’re sitting back, kickin’ your feet up, grabbing a snack and maybe something to drink. You pick out your favorite peace pipe, grab the goodie bag, give a sniff to a few different strains and pick out your favorite. You then grind it up, pack it in and you are ready to go. Continue reading Chant Along with Marley Natural

Climbing the Summit +

When you climb the steep summit of a mountain on a hot summer’s day, dodging stray rocks in the pathway and pushing aside hanging tree limbs, there’s always a moment of pure bliss that hits as soon as you reach the top and gaze out on the view you worked so hard to reach. This is a feeling many are chasing, and these journeys would benefit from another favorite pastime: enjoying cannabis. Now with Vapium’s Summit Plus, you can take your vaporizer with you on outdoor adventures, since it’s highly durable and ready for wear and tear. Continue reading Climbing the Summit +

Tech-Savvy Toking: Grenco’s G-Pen Elite Vaporizer

Everything is tech-driven these days and there are countless ways to upgrade your hardware, from adding a smart air conditioning system to tracking your fitness from your wristwatch. Now, you can boost your tech presence with a digital weed smoking device: Grenco Science’s G-Pen Elite. Continue reading Tech-Savvy Toking: Grenco’s G-Pen Elite Vaporizer