Reinvented One-Hitter is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Sleek Leather Dugout and SilverStick Pipes for Discreet Smoking on the Go

Looking for a great gift for your smoking buddies? For those who enjoy taking toking out with them on their travels, curating a travel kit has been a great way to stash your stuff with style. Dugouts have become a popular way to carry your items as they are very small and built to have just enough room to carry everything you need. Standard dugouts come with a glass one-hitter, lighter and a poker. A plastic case keeps everything safe and secure as you explore what the world has to offer.

While standard dugouts are great, some of us like to elevate the performance and style of our marijuana minglings. This is where SilverStick stepped up big.


Their Leather Dugout has all essentials seen in most dugouts but each item is of the highest caliber. The SilverStick pipe is crafted with air-craft grade alloy and even unscrews, allowing you to add a filter.

One-hitters are knows for pulling some ash through them, which these filters block out. Simply unscrew and replace the cotton filter and you are good to go again. Not only does this quick-hitter have that clutch filter but also has a larger bowl size allowing for 4 to 6 pulls per bowl. There is also a smaller SilverStick Slim that has all of the features the Large has but is more compact and provides 2 or 3 hits per bowl. Here’s the sizing difference between the two:


The Leather Dugout slides with a solid poker and other goodies. A shiny new high quality and refillable lighter is sure to elevate your game. Two different plastic cases fit into the case which keep your spare filters and buds clean and dry. Finally, an order-eliminating cap seals your pipe for transport.

SilverStick’s Leather Dugout is the ultimate dugout kit for the holidays. The rich leather is smooth to the touch and fits seamlessly into your pocket, purse or party bag. Toke, think, travel, explore and toke some more with the highest level of class with this Leather Dugout kit.


Check out SilverStick here to pick one up this holiday season!


*SilverStick provided for review


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