Spooky “Hallow-Green” Essentials

Tis the fright fest season of spooks and we love it! Binge the newest Hocus Pocus, build handmade haunted houses while stoned out of your mind, explore the harvest festivals with your coven clan of besties. However you celebrate the lovely October season, do it authentic asf and enjoy!

Durban Poison Shatters Souls

We rounded up some must haves below so be sure to check them out and share your favs with us on socials!

Hit the sugar wax (with some apple cider spice) and everything is nice. 100% sativa keeps you exploring all full moon night long.

Dab Party, Meet Us at the Haunted Mansion

No party is complete without a vape bar on the back porch – under that crisp fall sky and ink black night. There may or may not be real clouds in the sky, but we can make our own in huge grey bubbles the float into the night. Bring the AUXO Cira for a simple, shareable dab experience that will shatter your world with how easy it is. Save the torches for the monsters in American Horror Story because you won’t need one tonight to get lit.

Spooky Crustaceans Take Over the Woods

If you’re a fan of classic flower, let your piece dress up for Halloween too – the sillier the spookier in this case! A sea lobster? Land crustacean? All we know is it’s invited to party. Visit your local shop to see what exciting shapes they have!

The Vape That Goes Buzz in the Night

Tiny and compact and sleek as the black October night sky or Count Dracula’s ability to slip away into the darkness, the CCELL Rizo always has a space in your fall exploration kit. It heats up quickly and hits even easier, with a fun little haptic buzz, plus holds a charge for longer time than other small batteries. Fill it with a Purple Jolly Rancher 510 Cart for that candy flavor and a super sweet treat.

Delta-8 Lights Up the Corn Maze

Try the treat that is terpene infused Delta-8 THC by Kynn Labs. A different spin on a Halloween high with this easy disposable that fits into your bag and can be brought to any spooky gathering for discreet enjoyment. The Biscotti flavor’s our fav and gets us in the mood to mash up the winter holidays with Halloween along with another bingewatch of Nightmare Before Christmas.

CBD by Sunday Scaries

Calm the chaos with a CBD chill. The adrenaline from the haunted maze too much to handle? Sunday Scaries brings your head back to calm any day of the week. And Halloween is on a Sunday this year, even better!

Best Halloween Weed Strains

Looking for strains that suite the experience? Check out these seasonal favs below:

Aliens on Moonshine

White Widow

9 Lb Hammer


Cotton Candy

Voodoo Kush

Alice in Wonderland

Durban Poison

Enjoy that special Halloween vibe, our spooky stoner friends!


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