Joining Alice in Wonderland

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2016: Best Sativa Strain

Grabbed without hesitation from Cinder on Division, Alice in Wonderland is a strain we have always been looking to try. Aside from the obvious name, anything that promises wonder and creativity is high up on our list. A sativa-dominant strain with an average THC content, it’ll fly you away with just a single hit.

Info to Know: Ancient Aztecs chewed on specific roots of the peyotl cactus, which was prevalent throughout Mexico. They did this to allow shamans enter into a trance-like state into a different realm.

Type: Alice in Wonderland, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 17.7 percent total THC

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.

Nugs: Delicately dense nugs, dark green. Spiky, cactus-like hairs.

Odor: Tangy, pungent, fruity, tropical. Smells like pez candy.

Taste: Fruity and strong, almost like dill pickles finished with raspberry?

High: Instant strong euphoria and full body happiness. Enter Cloud 420.


Alice in Wonderland

**Pro Tip: Hold it in as long as you can. You’ll be happy you did and soon feel a warm rushing sensation followed by instant elation. **

Alice in Wonderland’s roots come from the strain, Willy’s Wonder, which many recreational and medicinal users toke to find creativity, relaxation and wanderlust.  It’s been hailed as a fantastic outdoor weed, perfect for summer exploration.

Anyone looking for an immediate mood change should pick up some Alice in Wonderland. A strain that makes you feel light, free and full of a childlike awe, it’s an easy daytime sativa that makes nature seem like heaven.

A single hit of Alice in Wonderland brings strong euphoria and an instant elevation. A view from above the clouds delivers happiness, peace and warmth. This weed is for thinking and exploring while wandering and meandering across the map. Alice in Wonderland is grown by Cannasol  Farms and is one of the smoothest highs that brings pure bliss. Toke up and enter a different reality.


Photos: Toke Tank

16 thoughts on “Joining Alice in Wonderland

  1. Sounds like an amazing strain. I definitely would love to give this a try – it sure does sound like it lives up to its name! Thanks for sharing this review!


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