Making Maui Magic

Sweet, fresh and floral

The Maui strain is popular and frequently talked about in stoner culture. It is a flavorful, tropical and uplifting Sativa that fuels creative energy and positive thought. Sit back, breathe in and soak up the beachy vibes.


Info to Know:

Type: Maui, Sativa-dominant (85% Sativa, 15% Indica)

THC Content: 18.3 percent total THC

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Nugs: Fluffy and dense like a Truffula Tree

Odor: Tropical and fruity, like a smoothie on the beach. Lemongrass tones

Taste: Sweet, fresh and floral.

High: Bright, cerebral and long lasting



Smoking the Maui strain (this one grown by Blue Roots Cannabis Co) gives you vacation vibes and uplifting euphoric feelings. It’s super tasty and when you first inhale its smoke, it almost feels cold and refreshing like an ice cold beverage you’ve been craving after hours soaking up the sunshine.

When you grind the bud, it is light colored and fluffier than ever. The nugs have a hint of lemongrass and for a moment you’re standing in a forest of bamboo and scanning the branches for a glimpse of a panda bear.

This strain is heavier than many Sativa strains, but still gives you all of the uplifting effects Sativa-lovers are seeking. Paired with a fresh flavor like a tropical breeze, it hits you hard and leaves you wanting more.

A long laster, Maui is a very impressive strain that will leave you saying, “WOW.” Maui Wow-ie indeed.


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