Adventure in a Box: Dollar High Club Unboxing

You’re a devoted stoner who enjoys having items to simplify your world. Why shouldn’t you be stocked up on the latest gear? Dollar High Club has created the perfect subscription-style box that’s curated to fit your needs. For “a few bucks a month” (depending on the package you pick), you’ll receive a selection of accouterments perfect for the cannabis enthusiast. Dollar High Club sent us a box to test; here’s a look at what was in the Adventure box.

Dollar High Club: Adventure Unboxing

A Sweet Mini Bong


This rasta road water pipe is a cool little bong perfect for traveling and toking on the go. It’s a heavy hitter that will help you elevate your mind while you’re out exploring the world.

Mini Bat One Hitter

This cool, sly smoking device is camouflaged to look like a cigarette so no one will know what you’re lighting up. It’s inside the LighterPick.

A Roach Clip


No one wants to get burned by the butt end of a roasted joint. Use this roach clip to keep your fingers safe while getting as many hits in as possible.

A Mini Bic Lighter


A Bic is always reliable – just what you need to go with your mini one hitter.

A Cool New LighterPick


This new product is cool because it comes with a mini one hitter, a waterproof stash container and a pick for cleaning the piece. “All in one and one for all.”

A Bunch of Black Widow Cones


Perfect for filling with freshly ground bud, these cones have a reusable tip and are ready to go!

A Bit of Beeswax Hemp Wick


One huge benefit of hemp wick is that it burns your weed at a lower temperature than a lighter, providing a better taste and the possibility of less carcinogens. Plus, using beeswax hemp wick supports the nationwide protection of bees.

Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners


Built with the strength of a dragon’s scales, the bristles dig deep on buildups of resin. Never before have our pieces been as clean as they were after using these.

A Couple of Screens

For smoking equipment with large holes, these screens will protect you from lost bud.

A Package of RAW Perforated Tips


No more will you have to tear up business cards and scrap paper for a joint tip; these options by RAW keep scoobs out of your mouth.

Rizla+ Rolling Papers


Rizla Rolling Papers have been around since the 1700’s and have been a smoker’s tool of choice ever since.

King Size Slim Elements Rice Papers


Use these premium rice papers to roll the perfect joint.


Now we’re set for a stoner adventure; anyone up for a hike?!

Do you want all these cool things and more each month, delivered? Sign up for Dollar High Club and you too could be adventuring with all the best stoner gear this summer. See more about Dollar High Club here.


*Review is our own; box provided by Dollar High Club

Photos: Toke Tank

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