Best Ganja Gift Picks for 4/20

April 20th is a day for celebrating everything that makes you happy in life. From flower, to edibles, to concentrate, to vaporizers, to  fresh new pieces of glass, to your cannabis crew, to the flowers you pass by every day that are just begging to be sniffed. Take some time this 4/20 to reflect on what really makes YOU happy, and if you are in the mood, get some of your favorites some new gadgets and gizmos to keep the good vibes flowing. Read on for the best weed products and finds to celebrate 4/20 in style. Continue reading Best Ganja Gift Picks for 4/20

Stay Dope on the Down Low with Erbanna’s Pipe Bracelet

Sleek, Stylish, Discreet, Dope

It isn’t always realistic to carry a pipe, or even a vaporizer everywhere you go, even though you might like to. When Erbanna created handbags that made it simple to hide the smell of your cannabis, we were intrigued, as this was a huge need within the cannabis industry.  The company also makes a simple smoking accessory that can be mistaken for a stylish must-have – the pipe bracelet. Continue reading Stay Dope on the Down Low with Erbanna’s Pipe Bracelet

Travel Toking with Erbanna’s Maxwell B. Living Men’s Dopp Kit

It is always important to come prepared for any adventure that may lead you down its path. But coming prepared in style just adds icing to your cake of life. Packing up the essentials in a slick leather case keeps the contents secure and is a common practice for guys who know how to travel right. Continue reading Travel Toking with Erbanna’s Maxwell B. Living Men’s Dopp Kit

Adventure in a Box: Dollar High Club Unboxing

You’re a devoted stoner who enjoys having items to simplify your world. Why shouldn’t you be stocked up on the latest gear? Dollar High Club has created the perfect subscription-style box that’s curated to fit your needs. For “a few bucks a month” (depending on the package you pick), you’ll receive a selection of accouterments perfect for the cannabis enthusiast. Dollar High Club sent us a box to test; here’s a look at what was in the Adventure box. Continue reading Adventure in a Box: Dollar High Club Unboxing

Climbing the Summit +

When you climb the steep summit of a mountain on a hot summer’s day, dodging stray rocks in the pathway and pushing aside hanging tree limbs, there’s always a moment of pure bliss that hits as soon as you reach the top and gaze out on the view you worked so hard to reach. This is a feeling many are chasing, and these journeys would benefit from another favorite pastime: enjoying cannabis. Now with Vapium’s Summit Plus, you can take your vaporizer with you on outdoor adventures, since it’s highly durable and ready for wear and tear. Continue reading Climbing the Summit +