The Best New High Tech Cannabis Vapes on the Market Today

It’s no secret that there’s a widespread negative connotation with vaping in the US, thanks in part to the ill-fated saga of Juul. In addition to the heavy missteps of the tobacco industry marketing vapes in fun flavors to kids, even the cannabis industry has had its fair share of controversy with vaping. 

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420: The Beginning

Everyone’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching. Buds will bloom, people will join together, and high spirits will be bountiful throughout the world. As we celebrate this April the 20th, let’s take a look back at the origins of how and why the term and time 420, 4:20, 4/20 got to be so popular. Continue reading 420: The Beginning

Cannabis and Creativity: 11 Moguls Who Smoke Marijuana

Guest Article by Marijuana Doctors

As cannabis becomes legal around the world for recreational use, more and more people are turning to weed to enhance their creativity. But does using cannabis boost your creativity? Studies show that consuming weed can inspire you and take your creative juices to a whole new level. Eleven of the world’s most creative and successful moguls would agree. And it’s not just these moguls. It’s thought that some famous historical figures also enjoyed the herb and its benefits – Alexander Dumas, Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln, to mention a few. Continue reading Cannabis and Creativity: 11 Moguls Who Smoke Marijuana

Gear Guide 2018: Best Vaporizer Gift Picks

Not sure what to gift the cannabis lovers in your life? For your vaporizer holiday needs, we tracked down the best, most innovative, and hottest items for the 2018 gifting season. Happy Holidaze! Continue reading Gear Guide 2018: Best Vaporizer Gift Picks

What’s the History of 4/20?

This week, cannabis enthusiasts are gearing up for the biggest holiday in the marijuana world: April 20th. 4/20 may have simple origins, but it’s turned into so much more throughout the years. Continue reading What’s the History of 4/20?

Valentine’s Day: 4 Gift Ideas for Stoner Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (it’s February 14th) and with it comes an opportunity to celebrate love, friendship, and if you have one, your stoner sweetheart. If roses and fancy dinners aren’t their thing, then a cannabis-related gift might be right up their alley. Continue reading Valentine’s Day: 4 Gift Ideas for Stoner Sweethearts

Reinvented One-Hitter is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Sleek Leather Dugout and SilverStick Pipes for Discreet Smoking on the Go

Looking for a great gift for your smoking buddies? For those who enjoy taking toking out with them on their travels, curating a travel kit has been a great way to stash your stuff with style. Dugouts have become a popular way to carry your items as they are very small and built to have just enough room to carry everything you need. Standard dugouts come with a glass one-hitter, lighter and a poker. A plastic case keeps everything safe and secure as you explore what the world has to offer. Continue reading Reinvented One-Hitter is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Why Disjointed Won’t Make You Forget Weeds

We loved the TV show Weeds, and it’s gone down in history as a must-watch for dedicated stoners. When Netflix released their original series, Disjointed, we were excited to experience the excitement of Weeds all over again, but it turns out the two shows are nothing alike. Read this guest article by Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi and The Blinc Group for a full review of the new show.
By Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi / The Blinc Group
Warning: Potential spoilers included. Read at your own risk .

Disjointed, Netflix’s new cannabis focused sitcom starring Kathy Bates as an aging hippie who owns a California medical marijuana dispensary, is the latest addition to the Pantheon of cannabis-centric movies and television shows. But where exactly does it fit? A good place to start would be seeing how it sizes up to its closest cousin, Weeds.

Is it going to be Kathy Bates versus Mary-Louise Parker, Ruth versus Nancy, or even Chuck Lorre versus Jenji Kohan? Or wait, maybe we should name it the Sativa versus Indica match?

The answer is no, absolutely not, because Disjointed and Weeds are nothing alike. Continue reading Why Disjointed Won’t Make You Forget Weeds

This Bong is Made Out of Ice!

Achieving a New Chill with Eyce’s Ice Bong: The Perfect Summer Smoking Apparatus

Here at Toke Tank, we’ve smoked out of a lot of different marijuana pieces, from glass to silicone, bubblers to hand pipes, apples to pumpkins – even a pineapple! We’ve even shared about making a piece out of pretty much anything. But this bong made by Eyce is truly majestic because the entire thing is made out of ice.

If you’re hard on pieces like we are, you know the struggles of breaking your favorite pipe. But Eyce’s ice bong allows you to smoke hard, play hard and get extra chill.


After some trial and experimentation, we’ve found pride in creating a truly unique piece that you can recreate over and over. No more time spent cleaning out resin; just melt, rinse and recreate a new bong!

A Bong Made of Ice: Eyce Mold 2.0

Ease of Use: Difficult but worth it. Follow the included instructions carefully and have patience; it is an artwork after all. After an initial struggle involving many broken bong attempts, we found it easier to get the ice bong out of the mold if you thaw it a little longer than the instructions mentions. You can place the bong back on the freezer after it is out of the mold to achieve perfection.

How To Make The Ice Bong:

  • Rinse all the parts in water, turn the mold upside down and drop the mouth piece with the teeth facing up into the bottom of the mold.
  • Pinch the mold together to hold the inside core straight. Then, insert the core pin through the outside core hole and then into the inside core hole, making sure the inside core stays straight (this will be the chamber of your bong).
  • Insert the stand into the opening of the mold. We found that inserting the stand in too deep can make it hard to pull the ice bong out the mold which may lead to breakage.
  • You are now ready to fill the mold with water. Poor water through the hole in the stand until it overflows (you want it to be completely full).
  • Tap out the bubbles and then insert the plug, creating a water tight seal.
  • Place the water-filled mold in your freezer as up right as possible.
  • Freeze for at least 12 hours.
  • Rinse with hot water. Make sure to rinse the middle with water but make sure to have the core pin in when you do.
  • Alternate between rinsing with hot water and letting it sit out on the counter for a while until you can slide the core pin and stand (with bong attached) out.
  • Stretch and slide the grommet on with the down stem into the hole.
  • Load it up and enjoy!
  • Refreeze for a later use and pat yourself on the back for creating something truly beautiful!

Hardware: The mold includes: Eyce mold, core pin, down stem, plug, mouth piece, grommet, and stand. Just add water!


Durability: Extreme. Just recreate your ice bong anytime it breaks…Or you know, melts. The mold is made out of tough silicone which will last a lifetime.

The fact that the Eyce Bong is made out of ice ensures that your smoke stays as cool as it can be, providing you with a smooth fresh hit every time. Check it out here!



This is What Happens to Your Body When You Work Out High

Are you seeking the ultimate runner’s high? We’ve shared about a gym that allows cannabis use in the past, but do you know what actually happens to your body when you light up before working up a sweat? Continue reading This is What Happens to Your Body When You Work Out High