Gear Guide 2018: Best Vaporizer Gift Picks

Not sure what to gift the cannabis lovers in your life? For your vaporizer holiday needs, we tracked down the best, most innovative, and hottest items for the 2018 gifting season. Happy Holidaze! Continue reading Gear Guide 2018: Best Vaporizer Gift Picks

Best Ganja Gift Picks for 4/20

April 20th is a day for celebrating everything that makes you happy in life. From flower, to edibles, to concentrate, to vaporizers, to  fresh new pieces of glass, to your cannabis crew, to the flowers you pass by every day that are just begging to be sniffed. Take some time this 4/20 to reflect on what really makes YOU happy, and if you are in the mood, get some of your favorites some new gadgets and gizmos to keep the good vibes flowing. Read on for the best weed products and finds to celebrate 4/20 in style. Continue reading Best Ganja Gift Picks for 4/20

Dipstick Vapes Unveils ‘Ocean Blue’ Dipper to Benefit Oceana

As we head into springtime and with Earth Day on the horizon, companies are stepping up with donations to help benefit global charitable organizations, the latest of which is Dipstick Vapes. The popular vaporizer company that’s made waves in the industry with their Dipper vaporizer, is now making waves of a different kind. They’ve unveiled a special ‘Ocean Blue’ edition of the Dipper, of which 5 percent of sales proceeds will be donated to oceanic conservancy charity, OceanaContinue reading Dipstick Vapes Unveils ‘Ocean Blue’ Dipper to Benefit Oceana

Simple Dabbing With The Dipper

For those who like versatile smoking equipment, the Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is a must-have. Not every situation allows for a full dab rig setup, and the Dipper’s innovative design makes it easy to get the full effects of a dab hit without the need for a blowtorch. Continue reading Simple Dabbing With The Dipper