September Cannabis Science Conference [Event Announcement]

Cannabis Science Conference

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Lift & Co. Toronto Cannabis Expo [Event]

Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

4 days of cannabis exploration with something for everyone with a Business Conference, Expo Industry Day, and Consumer Days.

When: June 6th-9th, 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada

What: Whether you are a cannabis leader, entrepreneur, enthusiast, or casual consumer, Lift & Co.’s expo will expand your relationships and knowledge of the most exciting industry in recent history.

Who: Experts will explore solutions to industry problems, businesses will strike deals, and consumers will explore the latest in cannabis technology. This is truly the event where people will position Canada in the world cannabis market.

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CannaMexico World Summit

The second annual CannaMexico World Summit, hosted by the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, will be the epicenter of cannabis advancement in Latin America.

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Roll 420 Joints for 4/20!

Just kidding – that would take forever. But seriously, this roll-your-own home joint machine is amazing! Roll as your heart desires.

There are a lot more of us that enjoy a nice joint than can roll a good one from scratch. The Otto is a joint rolling machine that even grinds the buds for you. Simply throw in some buds in the top, an empty cone in the bottom, snap together, press the button, and you have a perfect joint. This machine makes creating joints so easy that we might have to start smoking more of them. Continue reading Roll 420 Joints for 4/20!

Tasty & Toasty Recipes for 4/20

Are you all prepped for an epic 4/20 holiday?

This year is one of those perfect years when April 20th falls on a Saturday, giving enthusiasts everywhere a chance to fully appreciate the holiday without having to take a day off work or wait until after to partake. So get your glass clean, joints rolled, cartridges filled, and edibles infused. Need some ideas of what to bake? We’ve got you covered! Continue reading Tasty & Toasty Recipes for 4/20

420: The Beginning

Everyone’s favorite holiday is quickly approaching. Buds will bloom, people will join together, and high spirits will be bountiful throughout the world. As we celebrate this April the 20th, let’s take a look back at the origins of how and why the term and time 420, 4:20, 4/20 got to be so popular. Continue reading 420: The Beginning

National Cannabis Festival on 4/20 [Event Announcement]

National Cannabis Festival

An event celebrating the successful integration of legalized cannabis into our nation.

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When: April 20th, 2019. 12pm – 8pm.

Where: RFK Festival Grounds, Washington DC.

What: A concert, exhibit fair, contests, education, food, and celebration of the national cannabis culture.

Who: In addition to many high profile speakers and educators, the concert will feature many great artists including Ludacris and Action Bronson, Backyard Band, Stykers Posse, Black Masala, and DJ Farrah Flosset.

Check out the event’s site for more information and tickets!

April Cannabis Science Conference [Event Announcement]

Cannabis Science Conference

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SXSW Protesters Call Out John Boehner’s Hypocrisy On Cannabis

Protesters are standing up for social equality in the cannabis industry by calling out John Boehner and MedMen CEO Adam Bierman and their keynote speeches at this year’s South by Southwest Conference and Festival. Continue reading SXSW Protesters Call Out John Boehner’s Hypocrisy On Cannabis

American CBD Expo [Event Announcement]

The American CBD Expo has something for everyone intrigued or immersed in the CBD industry.

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