It took years of smoking on hills and daydreaming in forests to create Toke Tank. Even though one strain started it all, we enjoy trial and experimentation. Our team loves to smoke it all!

Meet The Toke Tank Team:


The Queen of Clovers:

Mixing, matching and combining different strains into a perfectly curated day of weed smoking while her mind soars like a hot air balloon, you’ll find The Queen of Clovers’ favorite weed frequently has diesel roots, sativa’s creativity and skunky smells. The co-creator of Toke Tank, she is forging her way into the legal marijuana industry like a force of nature.

The Queen of Clovers also contributes to The 420 Times. Read her articles here.

The Queen of Clovers also contributes to Read her articles here.



Perched high atop the tallest blowing trees, ElevatedOwl likes to toke up and survey all that’s going on in this crazy world. Though sativa-dominant strains are his go-to, he loves to light up a good indica late into the night. Co-creator of Toke Tank, you will find ElevatedOwl soarin’, tokin’, explorin’, and enjoying a good laugh if you look hard enough. Take a hit and fly away.


 The Cheshire Kid:

Here one minute, gone the next. Enjoys foods with cheese. Cracks smiles like beers, smokes clouds and chimneys. Professional, recreational, and mostly imaginary.




Stoned Philosopher:

Stoned Philosopher is a U.S. Army Veteran who uses cannabis both medicinally and recreationally. He favors sativa-heavy strains that allow him to stay active in his various hobbies including hiking, snowboarding and reading. His ultimate goal is to continue learning as much as he can about our universe until his time is done.  “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

The Toke Tank Team is expanding! If you’re located in a weed-legal state & want to enter the cannabis industry, reach out to us!



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