Take a Dive into Summer ||| Coast Modern

With a fire in your head and a fire in your lungs, enjoy these new Coast Modern tunes with the finest green:

Sativa: AK-47

Indica: White Widow

Hybrid: Skunk

Take my hand and take a dive!


Modest Mouse – Sugar Boats ||| #StonerMusic #TBT

Rock it out in the summer heat with this delightful Modest Mouse hit, Sugar Boats! Enjoy with:

Sativa: Afternoon Delight

Indica: Orange Kush

Hybrid: Mind Fiesta

Get Your Summer On with Kehlani’s ‘Undercover’ ||| Coucheron Remix

Kick off summer vibes and sunny days with new music! Catch Kehlani’s Undercover (Coucheron Remix) and light up:

Indica: Everest

Sativa: Acapulco Gold

Hybrid: Barcelona Diesel

Listen here:

B.o.B. Drops ‘Ether’ Album + Tour Dates

Following months of widespread excitement and anticipation, B.o.B has dropped his first independent full-length album, called Ether. It’s fresh, fire and perfect for enjoying with:

Sativa: Lemon Alien Dawg

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Hybrid: Skunk

Download Ether here on iTunes and listen here on YouTube:

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Fetty Wap Drops ‘Aye’ – Welcome King Zoo!

Fetty Wap’s at it again! The GRAMMY-nominated award-winning multiplatinum superstar released a new single, Aye today! He’s got an album dropping soon called King Zoo and this song is to set the stage. According to Fetty Wap, “This is the one my fans been waiting for. It’s go time- King Zoo season! We went crazy with the video, and it’s something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.” Continue reading Fetty Wap Drops ‘Aye’ – Welcome King Zoo!

Stoner Anthem: Smoke the Hookah by Raspin

Looking for some new stoner music just in time for 4/20?

Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R&B, sprinkled with a touch of gospel and reggae – it is all in Raspin’s music, creating a style of his own borne out of a spontaneous energy that defines his stylized original vocal and performance trademark.

Take a listen, take in these wonderful strains and DANCE:

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Sativa: Double Giggle

Throwdown with New Dae Dae: Dem Days

Perfect new-new for a New Year, Dae Dae has come out with a song that perfectly explains the bump and grind that is life. Relax after a long day with this song and these strains:

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Sativa: Maui


Photo: Dae Dae’s single cover

Spring into Spring with Melodic House by Mandeh

As spring begins to peek itself through the melting snow, listen to these melodic vibes and smoke up some ganja goodness. We recommend:

Sativa: Sour Diesel

Indica: Cherry Blossom



Photo: Unsplash

Musical Escape: Sunshine Sessions by Freddy Verano

Looking for an escape into a warmer location this winter? Sunshine house is an awesome genre designed to transport you to a sunny location around the world, no matter how frightful the weather is outside. Here’s an awesome drip of sunshine in the form of Freddy Verano’s Sunshine Sessions – San Andres. Listen to it with:

Indica-dominant: Lilac City Lavender

Sativa-dominant: Acapulco Gold


Photo: Unsplash

Renew Yourself with Hoa Radio Ep. 3 by Mokoa

Fall is here and the cooler weather is blowing in new energy, good vibes and a great opportunity for personal renewal. Sit back, breathe in and take stock of your life. This mix is perfect for introspection, as are these strains:

Indica-dominant: Cherry Blossom

Sativa-dominant: The Fudd