Fetty Wap Drops ‘Aye’ – Welcome King Zoo!

Fetty Wap’s at it again! The GRAMMY-nominated award-winning multiplatinum superstar released a new single, Aye today! He’s got an album dropping soon called King Zoo and this song is to set the stage. According to Fetty Wap, “This is the one my fans been waiting for. It’s go time- King Zoo season! We went crazy with the video, and it’s something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.” Continue reading Fetty Wap Drops ‘Aye’ – Welcome King Zoo!

Stoner Anthem: Smoke the Hookah by Raspin

Looking for some new stoner music just in time for 4/20?

Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R&B, sprinkled with a touch of gospel and reggae – it is all in Raspin’s music, creating a style of his own borne out of a spontaneous energy that defines his stylized original vocal and performance trademark.

Take a listen, take in these wonderful strains and DANCE:

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Sativa: Double Giggle

New Mixtape from Def Jam’s Trap Beckham: 7:14AM

Get your trap on with these new beats from Trap Beckham. His third in a series of mixtapes released every year on his birthday (July 14th), this one slays more than ever before.

Tune in here: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/43020/trap-beckham-714am.html

And light up these:

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Sativa: Amnesia


Photo: Trap Beckham mixtape cover

Throwdown with New Dae Dae: Dem Days

Perfect new-new for a New Year, Dae Dae has come out with a song that perfectly explains the bump and grind that is life. Relax after a long day with this song and these strains:

Indica: Aliens on Moonshine

Sativa: Maui


Photo: Dae Dae’s single cover

Fetty Wap’s New Single!

For those Fetty Wap fans out there, the Trap King has released his second single off of his upcoming sophomore album, which is due to be released this winter. The single, Different Now, was produced by Vinylz & Frank Dukes. It has that Fetty Wap feel with an interesting message. Continue reading Fetty Wap’s New Single!

Cookies & Swisher Sweets – $kinny | New Music

New music alert! Los Angeles-bred rapper/producer/singer/songwriter and visual artist, $kinny, just released a new song titled Cookies & Swisher Sweets.

“It’s pretty much the soundtrack to my life, what I do everyday and I wanted to share my world with the world.” – $kinny

Get the vibe here and be sure to smoke it with:

Indica: Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint

Sativa: Afternoon Delight

Photo: $kinny

Gorilla Glue-d to the Couch

Stronger, Faster.

Like a gorilla charging through the jungle, the Gorilla Glue strain (grown by Phat Panda) makes you feel in charge and in control of your world. Named as such for its ability to make the user feel glued to the couch, it is also quite powerful, euphoric and long-lasting.

Info to Know: Gorilla Glue, not to be confused with this weed strain, is a brand of thick and strong adhesive glue. It indeed is stronger, and faster. Continue reading Gorilla Glue-d to the Couch