The Strain That Started It All: Amnesia

Smooth and rolling

This is the strain that started it all. Amnesia by Farmer J’s caused us to forget our troubles and remember to shoot for bigger and better things. We took one hit and Toke Tank was born. MJ’s Pot Shop did it again by providing an excellent variety of locally-grown weed. I went for a grower and strain I had never tried before that was still an affordable price. This week’s strain is called Amnesia.


Info to Know:

Type: Amnesia

THC Content: 26.8 percent THC

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.

Nugs: Fluffy and filled with crystals. Hairs are burnt orange.

Odor: Not too skunky, smells like the colors green and orange. Like a breath of fresh air.

Taste: Earthy, thick smoke with a fresh zing finish.

High: Soft at first then hits you hard. Rolling waves of body sensation.



Am: Amnesia

Farmer J growers produced this spacy strain. Their marketing mixes the science of production with the whimsy of the brand by marketing each package as, “An Element of Your Day.” This “element” is labeled Am, or Amnesia.

Amnesia is right. After mellowing in this haze, we felt like we were floating in a thick cloud of water. Smooth and rolling, this is a damn good strain. This weed mellows hard and drives you in an intellectual and social way. To be honest, we just sat here and created this website.

Enjoy this lovely Sativa with friends, with a lover or alone with headphones and great vibes. As a matter of fact, here’s a great one to enjoy while forgetting your troubles. All thanks to Amnesia.


Photo: Mark

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