Sweet Shiatsu

A calming and uplifting treat

Shaitsu is an excellent strain from a new favorite grower of ours. Grown by NuGreen farms, in Spokane, Washington, Shiatsu delivers a kick that you’ll never see coming. Shiatsu is a slow and powerful strain that sneaks up on you over time. After the first minty and fragrant hit, the high starts off slowly and feels calming.


Info to Know:

Type: Shiatsu, Sativa.

THC Content: 22.8 percent total THC

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nugs: Loose bud. Coral colored hairs.

Odor: Flowery, like fresh cut grass mixed with an ocean breeze.

Taste: Fresh, slightly minty. Exhale is sweet and almost like a pine tree.

High: Slow to start, then a social giggly high hits hard.



Shiatsu is a rare strain in the U.S. with an interesting background. With roots in Japan, the original growers of this strain smuggled it across the border.

Smoking a sweet bowl of Shiatsu almost feels like a trance overtakes you. After mellowing the user out, the social giggles begin. This is one of the most bubbly and social highs from a strain we’ve had.

We have MJ’s Pot Shop and NuGreen to thank for this great new daytime Sativa. Stop by and pick up some Shiatsu for a calming and uplifting treat.

Photo: Leafly, Melanie Tata


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