Sucked Into The Tunnels of a Vortex

Smooth, uplifting, introspective

Float through the cosmos in a Vortex of the world’s most euphoric weed strains with this sativa-dominant, introspective journey. Smoke it while rowing a boat and watching your paddle break the water in smooth ripples, or stargaze at night in the depths of a deep and inviting forest. Continue reading Sucked Into The Tunnels of a Vortex

Worshiping the Holy Trinity


Warm, Comforting, and Memorable

A popular marijuana strain that can be hard to track down, Holy Trinity is powerful, elevating, and pleasant. While the genetics of this breed is something of a mystery, it’s rumored to be a trustworthy combination of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. Continue reading Worshiping the Holy Trinity

Zapped by AC/DC

Waves of relaxation, low psychoactive properties

Feel every vibration of life like riffs on a guitar with the AC/DC strain, a high-CBD option that will have you feeling relaxed and calm, without getting spacy or blazed. Continue reading Zapped by AC/DC

Hit With a 9 Lb Hammer

Calm, cool, collected, and so very stoned.

Like a character getting hit with a giant hammer by a familiar foe in your favorite Saturday morning cartoon episode, this weed gives you everything you want from an Indica experience (complete with stars circling your head). No pain here, just a silly trip through a colorful world of whimsy. Continue reading Hit With a 9 Lb Hammer

Supremely Skunk’d

Deep euphoria, energetic buzz, relaxed body high

The Skunk strain is pleasant, powerful and spiritual. It provides a strong and intense zone out experience, a delightful classic taste and ultimate happiness. This one was grown by Equinox, which provides “free range cannabis.” Continue reading Supremely Skunk’d

Bow to the Master Kush

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2017: Best Indica Strain

Like igniting your inner power and taking control.

The delightful Egyptian-inspired package drew our attention to Ra Cannabis’ Master Kush while browsing at Satori MJ in Spokane. After all, historians have found evidence that suggests cannabis was used in Egypt as far back as 3,000 BCE. The high it brings is deep, relaxing, mellow and thought-provoking. Continue reading Bow to the Master Kush

The Optimal Primus

Sweet, full-bodied flavor; clear and euphoric high

Primus, grown by Sweetwater Farms, is an earthy, sour weed perfect for a bright summer day. The strain brings a clear, calm high that is euphoric and happy. Rather than a physically heavy Indica that keeps you glued to the couch, Primus is an Indica that will massage the mind and bring you to a higher plane. Continue reading The Optimal Primus

She’s a Dirty Girl

Bright, euphoric and blissful

Dirty Girl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid grown by Flying K Farms that is a heavy-hitter. A lot spacier and heavier than an average Sativa, this strain packs a punch and almost should be classified as an Indica. It’s blissful, euphoric and bright; each hit you take starts the uplifting experience all over again. Continue reading She’s a Dirty Girl

Abducted By Lemon Alien Dawg

Light, spacy, easy and creative

We’ll be honest: we bought this strain because of our dog, a beagle named Lemon. As a puppy, he is weird, quirky and reminds us of a mini alien at times. When we saw the Lemon Alien Dawg strain, we grabbed half as a novelty, and half in hopes that it would help us to understand our own little Lemon, alien dog, a little better. Grown by Northwest 7 Point, it’s a flavorful, citrus-y and creative strain. Continue reading Abducted By Lemon Alien Dawg

Cinex: Cloud 420


A bright and upbeat strain that’s sure to lift your spirits and make you want to take on the world.

Those looking for a dreamy strain will love Cinex, a creative and uplifting Sativa that’s sure to take your breath away like the wind blows away the clouds. Grown by CannaHerb Farm, this strain is sure to transport you away into a dream-like state that allows you to forget the troubles of the day and feel free as a bird. Continue reading Cinex: Cloud 420