Sucked Into The Tunnels of a Vortex

Smooth, uplifting, introspective

Float through the cosmos in a Vortex of the world’s most euphoric weed strains with this sativa-dominant, introspective journey. Smoke it while rowing a boat and watching your paddle break the water in smooth ripples, or stargaze at night in the depths of a deep and inviting forest.

Info to Know: A vortex is created when air or liquid whirls around and creates a whirlpool effect. Careful not to get swept away!

Type: Vortex, sativa-dominant

THC/CBD Content: 14.9 percent total THCA

Nugs: Dense forest green buds with webs of deep orange hair

Odor:  Strong fresh grass + cheese

Taste: Grassy on the inhale, foresty and thick on the exhale

High: Smooth, uplifting, introspective


The Vortex strain is a swirling tunnel of many strains, including Jack Herer, Cinderella 99, Romulan, and Northern Lights, though it’s a pairing of Space Queen and Apollo-13.

The inhale tastes grassy and sweet, while the exhales of thick clouds make it feel like you’re entering deep into the forest, unsure which way is out and which way is in. At which point are you halfway there?

The smoke is smooth and sweet, not harsh at all or overwhelming. The high is focused, euphoric, and uplifting. As you stand in the forest surrounded by dense underbrush and the welcoming branches of trees hugging you tightly, you look toward the sky and float off into the universe.


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