Jump Aboard the Space Queen

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015: Best Sativa Strain

Space Queen is sweet, sticky and brings happiness, euphoria and mental alertness. It’s an amazing new strain we picked up from Satorimj in Spokane, Washington grown by Phat Panda Cannabis. Initially drawn in by the name, packaging and THC content, Space Queen was quite enjoyable. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong genetic lineage. 


Info to Know:
Type: Space Queen, Sativa-dominant
THC Content: 23.1 percent total THC
Rating: 4.6 out of 5.
Nugs: Crystal-packed dense nugs with firey orange hairs. A slight hint of purple.
Odor: Sweet and cheesy, like berry mixed with pineapple.
Taste: Inhale is spicy and mildy harsh, exhale and smooth, fruity and mellow. Sweet and Tropical.
High: Mental and relaxing high with strong head haze, brings a thick buzz but user feels alert.

20150312_185745 20150312_185756

Space Queen

Space Queen is a fantastic combination of strains Romulan and Cinderella 99. It is true to its roots with fruity aromas and a sweetness from the stickiness of the nugs to the elevated high. The bud smells like a mixture of berry and pineapple and the hit tastes tropical and sweet. It’s delicious. After a few hits of Space Queen, you feel a strong mental buzz but without too much body sensation.

The glass jars Phat Panda delivers their weed in are also a nice touch. They make the product seem more premium and desirable. But Space Queen strain itself is nice and easy enough to enjoy no matter what the packaging. It’s a good Sativa for recreational users who aren’t looking for a full-body or overwhelming buzz.

Smoking Space Queen was a delight from the delicious aroma and flavor to the easy mental high. It felt like a sweet-natured interdimensional space mission. Space Queen’s high isn’t the only unique thing about it. According to growers, this strain has the special ability to produce almost all female plants once the seeds are germinated. A special lady indeed.



Photo: Unsplash, Toke Tank

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