Sweet and Delicious Blackberry Kush

**Like camping in a meadow of blackberries**

Blackberry Kush is a tasty weed strain prized for its dark purple color and sweet flavor. An Indica-dominant hybrid that’s fairly strong, it brought good vibes and a delicious taste. Grown by Grow State 1, it’s a mix of Afghani and Oregon Blackberry strains with a strong Indica background. Continue reading Sweet and Delicious Blackberry Kush

Chasing the White Rhino


Citrus, Skunky and Potent

White Rhino is a hybrid, indica-dominant blend that uplifts and relaxes your mind. Grown by dama, it is a winning strain prized for its intense effects and strong, potent smell.

Dama produces premium cannabis products, include dried flowers. They have created highly refined, potent weed strain that are designed with the users’ pleasure in mind. Making marijuana into an entire sensory experience, they improve your general sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance your mood. Continue reading Chasing the White Rhino

Deep Blue Hash’d

A creative and energetic Indica-dominant hybrid

Blue Hash was a delightful new strain picked from Pullman’s pot shop, We’re Just Buds. One of several new growers introduced to Eastern Washington by the awesome pot shops (go check them out if you’re in town!); we found it to be euphoric, happy and a little bit spacy. A 60-40 indica split, it’s mild enough to enjoy during the day, without providing wicked couchlock. Continue reading Deep Blue Hash’d

Honoring The Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2

Rushing intensity, cerebral head-high

A personal and small town weed from a wonderfully small town store, Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2 is grown by Wild Bill’s Bad Ass Buds. With dreams of experiencing the ceremonial vibe, we picked this without hesitation from Miller’s Marijuana in Elma, Washington. It heightened every sense and made us feel on top of the world; I feel honored to have smoked it.

Info to Know: A potlatch is a feast of gift giving celebrated by the Pacific Coast Indians. The event is thrown to show status, establish reciprocity and celebrate successful harvests. It’s part of the economic system. Continue reading Honoring The Potlatch Ceremonial Bud #2

Stress- Relieving Sour Diesel

Easy, all-day high

Sour Diesel is one of the most classic weed strains around. Grown by Columbia Territory and purchased at Cinder North, it’s one we hadn’t tried before. We found it to be perfect for a stroll through the park. Those who love skunky and diesel strains will fall in love with its taste and smell, but those into more cheesy or floral weed may not be so keen. Take a sour hit and see for yourself. Continue reading Stress- Relieving Sour Diesel

[Joint Journeys] Sunday Morning Headband

Strong Body High, Wicked Couch Lock

Headband is smooth, sweet, easy and absolutely powerful. Enjoyed on a Sunday morning, it gave us a deep and heavy hit that we felt from the crown of our head above us in the clouds to the bottom of your toes. An indica that puts you to sleep, it’s not great for daytime but awesome for pain relief and heavy relaxation. After a few initial silky hits, you quickly realize why it’s named the way it is. Enveloping your brain and body in a warm hug, a band of cloudy warmth flows all around you. Continue reading [Joint Journeys] Sunday Morning Headband

The Great Northern Haze

Good bud for the midday

Northern Haze was purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. I felt cerebral that day and was guided to the sativa-dominant Northern Haze by one of the charming Budtenders. I’ve been a consistent fan of Haze hybrids in the past and needed festive flowers to contribute at my friends’ Holiday gathering. In the context of a social setting, Northern Haze will spark just the right vibe. Continue reading The Great Northern Haze

That Sensi State of Mind

Mellow and Chillaxed

Recommended at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, the scent is strong with this one. Hauntingly beautiful and dense buds draw the eye along thick frosted leaves. A hybrid with a glowing track record, take a chance on this one for the experience itself. Continue reading That Sensi State of Mind

Mesmerized by Critical +

An intense high that’s unexpected and enjoyable

Looking for another essential element of your day? Look no further than the Critical + strain. Grown by Farmer J’s in Eastern Washington, this was a relaxing trip with strong mental and physical effects. It’s a Sativa so it was a head-y and mental experience, but was still relaxing enough for a full-body adventure. Continue reading Mesmerized by Critical +

When Life Gives You Lemon

A true hybrid, blending physical relaxation and intellectual comfort.

Picked fresh from the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, you’ll first notice the sharp greens of these buds seem better described as limes than lemons. A hybrid leaning towards the thought-provoking, sativa, side of the spectrum, Lemon shies from the heavy lidded glow of its cousin, Lemon Skunk, instead pairing bright scent and clear vibes. Nothing extravagant, but it has a crystal quality and is very smooth. Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemon