[Joint Journeys] Sunday Morning Headband

Strong Body High, Wicked Couch Lock

Headband is smooth, sweet, easy and absolutely powerful. Enjoyed on a Sunday morning, it gave us a deep and heavy hit that we felt from the crown of our head above us in the clouds to the bottom of your toes. An indica that puts you to sleep, it’s not great for daytime but awesome for pain relief and heavy relaxation. After a few initial silky hits, you quickly realize why it’s named the way it is. Enveloping your brain and body in a warm hug, a band of cloudy warmth flows all around you. Continue reading [Joint Journeys] Sunday Morning Headband

Aromatic AK-47

Herby, spicy, aromatic

Looking for a hard-hitting daytime Sativa that packs a big bang for the bowl? AK-47’s name perfectly describes the high that hits you like a train as soon as you’ve taken a hit but the calm, euphoric feeling afterward goes against the name. This strong Sativa-dominant hybrid is pleasant and uplifting without too spacy of a head high. We found this gem made by Root Down from MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman, Washington. It’s got an intense name and an intense come-up, but the high will leave you feeling mellow and easy. Continue reading Aromatic AK-47

Chilly Snowdawg


Smooth, relaxing and euphoric

Snowdawg is the baby science project of the Chemdawg experiments of the East Coast. Those familiar with Chemdawg will find many similarities in this nice, Sativa-dominant hybrid. This delightful weed came from MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman, Washington. Snowdawg is a light, easy high that is smooth, relaxing and euphoric. Continue reading Chilly Snowdawg