Chilly Snowdawg


Smooth, relaxing and euphoric

Snowdawg is the baby science project of the Chemdawg experiments of the East Coast. Those familiar with Chemdawg will find many similarities in this nice, Sativa-dominant hybrid. This delightful weed came from MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman, Washington. Snowdawg is a light, easy high that is smooth, relaxing and euphoric. Continue reading Chilly Snowdawg

Sweet and Silly Purple Jolly Rancher

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015: Best Indica Strain

We love unique marijuana. Buddy Boy Farm has some great weed strains with amazing candy-like flavors (think Cherry Pie.) Purple Jolly Rancher is no exception. We picked up Purple Jolly Rancher shake from MJ’s Pot Shop because we were intrigued by the name. It is a strong Indica-dominant strain that is relaxing, uplifting and silly. Cue “The Giggs.” Continue reading Sweet and Silly Purple Jolly Rancher

Fly High with Thai OG

Strong head high, uplifting, inspiring

Thai OG is an uplifting and inspiring Sativa-dominant strain. After our recent trip to Seattle, Washington to test out their strains, we stopped by a great new recreational shop on Aurora Ave called Ocean Greens. Mike the Budtender was great in helping us pick out a few strains to try. Thai OG was high on our list after tasting Chocolope, one of its wonderful lovechildren. Grown by Tumbleweed Farm in Eastern Washington, Thai OG has a fascinating smell and a wonderful buzz. Continue reading Fly High with Thai OG

Bloom With Fresh, Sweet Cherry Blossom

Smooth and Uplifting

This week we decided to venture out of Pullman and take a weed-inspired tour of Spokane, Washington. After stopping at an upscale recreational marijuana shop and meeting some amazing Budtenders at a place called Cinder, we picked up a delightful new Indica-dominant strain from a local grower called The Happy Crowd, LLC. This week’s strain is called Cherry Blossom and it was a beautiful journey.

Continue reading Bloom With Fresh, Sweet Cherry Blossom

Soar With Sour Kush


Light and floaty

Looking for a spacy high that won’t leave you overwhelmed? Sour Kush is the strain for you. This baby of Sour Diesel and OG Kush is a ton of fun for novices and experienced connoisseurs. This sweet strain is bright and cheery, yet mellow and intellectual. Continue reading Soar With Sour Kush

Light and Spacy Lolly

A relaxing, light and easy strain

The first legal recreational marijuana dispensary in Pullman, Washington, MJ’s Pot Shop has many different varieties of strains. Like having your first beer, the taste of the first strain purchased from MJ’s left me wanting more. After experimenting a bit, I decided to try and review each strain I’ve tried. This week’s strain is called Lolly and it was a pleasure. Continue reading Light and Spacy Lolly

The Strain That Started It All: Amnesia

Smooth and rolling

This is the strain that started it all. Amnesia by Farmer J’s caused us to forget our troubles and remember to shoot for bigger and better things. We took one hit and Toke Tank was born. MJ’s Pot Shop did it again by providing an excellent variety of locally-grown weed. I went for a grower and strain I had never tried before that was still an affordable price. This week’s strain is called Amnesia. Continue reading The Strain That Started It All: Amnesia