Beholden to the Blue Dragon

Uplifting, euphoric, spiritual

Sour strains are fun to smoke and often produce a light and bright sativa-feeling. Grown by Buddy Boy Farm, Blue Dragon is a thick and heady sativa that will keep you grounded while you’re soaring through the universe.

Info to Know: Across cultures and regions around the world, dragons have often held a place of major cultural and religious significance. They are said to represent nature and connection with the universe. Continue reading Beholden to the Blue Dragon

A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Your brain will feel massaged and energized

Have you ever laughed so hard you felt lightheaded? Expect that reaction from smoking Double Giggle, but in a wonderful way. One hit was all it took to feel the sweet, almost bubblegum-flavored smoke straight in our heads and a silly, happy, euphoric haze came over us. This 1 gram bomber joint, picked up from MJ’s Pot Shop and grown by Buddy Boy Farm is a real winner, perfect for an afternoon walk around town. Continue reading A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Announcing Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Winners!

Happy 420!


We’d like to share the results of the 1st annual Toke Tank Green Gold Award, where we showcase our favorites found over the last year. The categories are Best Indica Strain, Best Sativa Strain and Best Pot Shop in Washington. The winners are: Continue reading Announcing Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015 Winners!

Sweet and Silly Purple Jolly Rancher

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2015: Best Indica Strain

We love unique marijuana. Buddy Boy Farm has some great weed strains with amazing candy-like flavors (think Cherry Pie.) Purple Jolly Rancher is no exception. We picked up Purple Jolly Rancher shake from MJ’s Pot Shop because we were intrigued by the name. It is a strong Indica-dominant strain that is relaxing, uplifting and silly. Cue “The Giggs.” Continue reading Sweet and Silly Purple Jolly Rancher