Freshly Picked Palouse Peach

Fruity, sweet, upbeat, euphoric

Grown by Palouse Farms, Palouse Peach isn’t just a whimsical name and a sweet Sativa-dominant strain; it’s a solid day smoker with a huge local following. Highly recommended by media such as the Inlander, Palouse Peach has been consistently voted among Eastern Washington marijuana user’s most popular strains (it even graced the list twice!) Continue reading Freshly Picked Palouse Peach

A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Your brain will feel massaged and energized

Have you ever laughed so hard you felt lightheaded? Expect that reaction from smoking Double Giggle, but in a wonderful way. One hit was all it took to feel the sweet, almost bubblegum-flavored smoke straight in our heads and a silly, happy, euphoric haze came over us. This 1 gram bomber joint, picked up from MJ’s Pot Shop and grown by Buddy Boy Farm is a real winner, perfect for an afternoon walk around town. Continue reading A Double Giggle Afternoon [Joint Journeys]

Cough-ing Strawberry Clouds

The perfect creative sativa.

Strains with flavors true to their name are always exciting. While “cough” isn’t exactly a word we’d use to describe a good weed, this one definitely created thick smoke that billowed through the room and deep into our lungs, while creating a sweet and strawberry aroma. Grown by Canna Herb Farms, this is a flavorful and novel weed that is fun for an afternoon treat. Continue reading Cough-ing Strawberry Clouds