Freshly Picked Palouse Peach

Fruity, sweet, upbeat, euphoric

Grown by Palouse Farms, Palouse Peach isn’t just a whimsical name and a sweet Sativa-dominant strain; it’s a solid day smoker with a huge local following. Highly recommended by media such as the Inlander, Palouse Peach has been consistently voted among Eastern Washington marijuana user’s most popular strains (it even graced the list twice!)

Once we got our hands on the strain, we were quick to agree – Palouse Peach is a contender for one of the best weeds we’ve ever smoked. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! You can pick it up from the friendly and knowledgeable budtenders at Pullman pot shop, We’re Just Buds. Keep reading to see what we thought about Palouse Peach!


Info to Know:  The peach is a member of the rose family, and there are over 700 varieties of the fruit.

Type: Palouse Peach, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 24.6 percent total THC

Rating: 4.85 out of 5.

Nugs: Small, dense, light-colored and covered in trichomes. Has the most kief and crystals we’ve ever seen from a strain once ground!

Odor: Fruity and sweet, the scent lingers in the air like you’re sitting peacefully in a peach orchard in the heat of summer

Taste: Light smoke, sweet on the exhale. Hints of pine & blackberry and lots of peach

High: Upbeat and euphoric. Light enough to smoke all day but strong enough to produce a heavy buzz.


Palouse Peach

The reason marijuana strains take on a variety of tastes, aromas and flavors is because of Terpenes. The Palouse Peach strain embodies terpenes that make the bud taste and smell like fresh peaches on a hot summer day. The longer you smoke it, the more the area you’re in begins to feel more peaceful and smell even sweeter.

Palouse Peach’s flavor is a huge draw for smokers who like sweet and flavorful strains. It’s a good entry into the weed world for those who aren’t a fan of cheese or diesel blends. Its flavor is sweet and succulent, and after smoking it over time it begins to change shape, reminding the user of fresh blackberry pie.

Palouse Farms may only produce Palouse Peach, but because of this, they have been able to dedicate individual attention and care to perfecting the strain’s profile. When you pick up Palouse Peach, you’re treated to a high-THC weed that is sure to help elevate your mind and spirit.

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 Photos: Toke Tank

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