Awakened by Acapulco Gold


Powerful, freeing, euphoric and adventurous

When we recently visited Green Bluff Greenhouse, we were treated with an incredible close-up experience of watching weed grow. We were particularly drawn to the Acapulco Gold plants, as under the grow lights their leaves were adorned with fire-red stripes, deep pink stems and flecks of gold. The buds were fluffy, with deep orange hairs and a classic golden tint. We’re so glad to finally be enjoying this strain, since we’ve been dreaming of doing so ever since we laid eyes on it. 


Info to Know: Acapulco Gold originates from the Acapulco region of Mexico. In the native tongue of the Nahoas, ‘Acapulco’ means “The place where reeds were destroyed.”



Type: Acapulco Gold, Sativa-dominant

THC Content: 22.7 percent total THC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nugs: Fluffy, dense and large. Bright burnt orange hairs, golden tinge

Odor: Sweet and fruit with a hint of diesel

Taste: Wild, smooth, light and delightful. Slightly cheesy

High: Powerful, freeing, euphoric and adventurous



Acapulco Gold

After one hit of Acapulco Gold, we were hooked, and the music began to take us away. It’s a dreamy, powerful and enchanting feeling; you just want to drink in the moment. It keeps you feeling pleasantly uplifted and in high spirits.

Touted as one of the best strains ever created, Green Bluff Greenhouse’s Acapulco Gold is the cream of the sativa crop. Well known by many in the cannabis industry, this strain is often hard to find (we sourced it at Green Star Cannabis in Spokane), and when you find it, you are ready to embark upon a grand adventure.

Some have likened this strain to enjoying a luxury experience. The appetizer to your appetizer, Acapulco Gold’s flavor is wild, freeing and intense. The high feels revitalizing, and it perks you up in preparation for a big adventure. Smoked on a Saturday morning, this is a sunrise strain that we’ll be keeping around for special wake and bake sessions. But, we’re sure it would be perfect at all hours of the day.

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