Root Respect and Strong Sativas at Green Bluff Greenhouse

Nestled deep into the peaceful trees of Spokane’s Green Bluff area are adorable you-pick fruit tree farms, historic apple orchards, pottery studios, Christmas tree farms, herb greenhouses and even a mead-ery – it’s almost as if time stands still. Green Bluff is also home to a new kind of enterprise – a legal I-502 cannabis farm called Green Bluff Greenhouse. They’re a Tier 1 Producer-Processor that specializes in old-school, rare Sativa strains.

Green Bluff Greenhouse

When we arrived, we were led through the porthole –yes, it’s really a porthole – into an old fruit storage location that housed the crop. Climbing through the door was exciting, as the golden green glow of the plants called us in to get closer and learn their secrets. We met with Rick Roening and Joel Crisp, who were excited to show us around the massive room that held their crop.


Besides the potent and delightful aroma of weed, the first thing that struck us was how meticulous and beautifully arranged the plants were. This was no wild and vast sea of green – these weed women were carefully tweaked, trimmed and twisted to create incredible bonsai-like structures (a technique called the Green Bluff Scrog), which Rick told us is for the purpose of expanding the crop yield, maximizing the light intake and simplifying the harvest process. They were reminiscent of perfect espalier fruit trees, which shows how dedicated and knowledgeable these growers are.


Talkin’ Naming and Regulating

The strains they grow at the moment are Solace, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Colombian Gold and Thai Stick, although they plan to debut many heirloom strains in the future. These are powerful Sativas with a long lineage; they take longer to grow and are sure to be true to their name. A major concern that came up in conversation was the issue of naming cannabis strains. Within the industry, there are no regulations on naming, meaning one grower may label and sell a strain that is not necessarily the same strain you think you are smoking. To solve this, Green Bluff Greenhouse believes we should all work together in an honest way. According to Rick, “We must self-regulate. If we don’t do this, the government will continue to over-regulate.”

Rick has also been the President of the Green Bluff Growers Association and the Pacific Northwest Farmers Direct Market Association in the past. To him, cannabis is an agricultural crop, rather than just a fun hobby. He sees it as an extension of his current farm, the Roening’s On Green Bluff, where visitors can you-pick cherries in late spring, peaches in the summer, plums in the fall and more. (For security and licensing reasons, the fruit farm is at a different location.) We stopped by to view his fruit trees after visiting Green Bluff Greenhouse and left with a succulent box of freshly picked, sweet peaches.

If you want to smoke up some of Green Bluff Greenhouse’s incredible crop, stop by Cannarail Station in Ephrata, Lucid Cannabis Company or Green Star Cannabis in Spokane – you’re sure to love their solid, heavy-hitting strains. One of our favorites is Thai Stick – check it out here!


Also, check out this slideshow of photos from our visit:

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Thanks to Green Bluff Greenhouse for giving us a peek into your grow and letting us learn more about you!

Photos: Toke Tank

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