Stuck on Thai Stick

Uplifting and happy

When we asked the budtender at Green Star Cannabis what his favorite Sativa strain was, he let us know he was over the moon about Thai Stick. Regarded as “the best weed he’s ever smoked,” Thai Stick had quite a reputation to uphold. With frosty buds and earthy scents, this strain was a fun day smoker that brought you relaxation and happiness; much like an ocean breeze blowing on a summer’s day or staring at a crackling fire on a summer evening.


Info to Know:

Type: Thai Stick, Sativa

THC Content: 15.2 percent total THC

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.

Nugs: Light and fluffy, frosty white speckles of THC. Purple-tinged.

Odor: Spicy and earthy. Like a fresh breath of the ground after it rains

Taste: Spicy on the inhale, smooth and rich on the exhale. Tastes like noodles, nuts and seafood—in a good way!!

High: A trance-like high, a beautiful billowing moment


Thai Stick

We’ve had Thai OG before and the spicy, flavorful buds were enjoyable, but not an everyday smoker. Thai Stick however, is like dynamite compared to “Pop It’s” on the 4th of July. Grown by Green Bluff Greenhouse (actually grown on a green bluff!), it’s an indoor grown sativa that is uplifting and happy.

Thai Stick’s buds are light, fluffy and colorful with a flavorful and earthy smell. Crushing and grinding the green is almost ceremonial, like we are running through the motions necessary to get a deep hit into our lungs. One hit was worth the wait.

The inhale is spicy and the exhale is rich. The high immediately enters your mind through the back of your throat and collects like a warm pool of water in the lower part of your brain. It is an instant rush of intense high-ness and the exhale tastes like food, like you’ve just eaten a delicious lunch. Perhaps the perfect cure for the munchies?

Those looking for the billowing smoke of an exhale will love Thai Stick’s rich, thick burn. Perfect for blowing smoke rings, fulfilling that weed craving or keeping you full; smoking Thai Stick is like entering a state of trance. It’s a repeating flash of one instance; like reliving one beautiful moment for the rest of your live.


Photo: Toke Tank, Unsplash

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