Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Happy Holi-BLAZE! Can you believe it’s already 4/20 again?!

The holiday of choice for pot smokers has arrived and with it comes Toke Tank’s 3rd annual Green Gold 420 Awards. We are so excited to be continuing this award and honoring not only the fine growers of Washington’s legal marijuana under I-502, but also throwing kudos to the amazing strains we’ve smoked and reviewed in the past year. Continue reading Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Awakened by Acapulco Gold


Powerful, freeing, euphoric and adventurous

When we recently visited Green Bluff Greenhouse, we were treated with an incredible close-up experience of watching weed grow. We were particularly drawn to the Acapulco Gold plants, as under the grow lights their leaves were adorned with fire-red stripes, deep pink stems and flecks of gold. The buds were fluffy, with deep orange hairs and a classic golden tint. We’re so glad to finally be enjoying this strain, since we’ve been dreaming of doing so ever since we laid eyes on it.  Continue reading Awakened by Acapulco Gold

Root Respect and Strong Sativas at Green Bluff Greenhouse

Nestled deep into the peaceful trees of Spokane’s Green Bluff area are adorable you-pick fruit tree farms, historic apple orchards, pottery studios, Christmas tree farms, herb greenhouses and even a mead-ery – it’s almost as if time stands still. Green Bluff is also home to a new kind of enterprise – a legal I-502 cannabis farm called Green Bluff Greenhouse. They’re a Tier 1 Producer-Processor that specializes in old-school, rare Sativa strains. Continue reading Root Respect and Strong Sativas at Green Bluff Greenhouse

Stuck on Thai Stick

Uplifting and happy

When we asked the budtender at Green Star Cannabis what his favorite Sativa strain was, he let us know he was over the moon about Thai Stick. Regarded as “the best weed he’s ever smoked,” Thai Stick had quite a reputation to uphold. With frosty buds and earthy scents, this strain was a fun day smoker that brought you relaxation and happiness; much like an ocean breeze blowing on a summer’s day or staring at a crackling fire on a summer evening. Continue reading Stuck on Thai Stick