Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Seeking a well-balanced, euphoric marijuana strain? Try Mind Fiesta, a hybrid! It brings happiness, bliss and relaxation. Check out our video below and read the full strain review here. Continue reading Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

Happy Holi-BLAZE! Can you believe it’s already 4/20 again?!

The holiday of choice for pot smokers has arrived and with it comes Toke Tank’s 3rd annual Green Gold 420 Awards. We are so excited to be continuing this award and honoring not only the fine growers of Washington’s legal marijuana under I-502, but also throwing kudos to the amazing strains we’ve smoked and reviewed in the past year. Continue reading Toke Tank’s 3rd Annual Green Gold 420 Awards

You’re Invited to a Mind Fiesta


Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2017: Best Hybrid Strain

Mind elevating and body relaxing

Some weed is like a party. Brought to us by Spark Cannabis (by Life Gardens), Mind Fiesta is a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid leaning on the more upbeat end of the scale. Like an energetic gathering in your mind, it brings refreshing euphoria and happiness, with your brain firing exuberantly on all cylinders. Continue reading You’re Invited to a Mind Fiesta