Double (Day) Dream-ing


Massage your mind, relax your world. Do you like Blue Dream? This is double the fun!

A strain that kick starts your mind into gear and helps with bringing a focused happiness, Double Dream is a delightful treat. A fresh and grassy taste with a light and pleasant high, it doesn’t ask much of you. Instead, you’ll come out the other end feeling a bit lighter, freer, and dreamier. Continue reading Double (Day) Dream-ing

Catching a Wave with the Silver Surfer

Energetic, uplifting, motivating

Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven. – John McCarthy Continue reading Catching a Wave with the Silver Surfer

Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Seeking a well-balanced, euphoric marijuana strain? Try Mind Fiesta, a hybrid! It brings happiness, bliss and relaxation. Check out our video below and read the full strain review here. Continue reading Video Strain Review: Mind Fiesta

Bright and Whimsical Cotton Candy

Relaxing, Uplifting, Creative

Stoner with a sweet tooth will love Cotton Candy, a great Indica-dominant strain prized for its fluffy nugs, sticky trichomes and sweet fragrance. Grown by Hempire, it’s a relaxing and creative strain; sure to uplift you and float your worries away. Continue reading Bright and Whimsical Cotton Candy