Catching a Wave with the Silver Surfer

Energetic, uplifting, motivating

Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven. – John McCarthy

Want to feel as balanced as a surfer on a board, bobbing up and down in the water on a hot summer afternoon? Silver Surfer is a delightful 50/50 balanced hybrid strain that will last you long enough to catch some waves before the sun goes down.

Info to Know: A “surf surfari” is when a group of surfers spend the weekend traveling together to explore the waves all along the coast.

Type: Silver Surfer

THC/CBD Content: 18.15 percent total THC

Nugs: Small light green puffs, sunny and bright, crystal speckled

Odor: Like forest moss, hint of cheese

Taste: Grassy, sour, pine-y.

High: Energetic, uplifting, motivating, slightly spacey

Silver Surfer

The first hit is uplifting, with the promise of a beautiful day ahead. It brings focus and energy, motivation and meaning. Slight spaciness begins to hit, which just serves to guide you into the present moment and enjoy the world surrounding you. Be sure to have a game plan if you have things to do, but if you don’t, just see where the Silver Surfer will take you on its journey.

The thick, melon-flavored smoke has hints of citrus and this strain will leave you feeling productive, creative, energetic, inspired, and attuned to your environment. Brings ‘shaka’ to all of your chakras – ride the wave and see where you end up.

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