Mac – A Warm Sweater & The Chill Rainy Day Vibes 

Fall is here and it’s time to fall into your favorite weed strains that brighten the darkest and greyest of days. Mac is a strong and easy strain and it fits just right like the comfy worn sweater you look forward to wearing every fall. Try it on! 

Info to Know:  

Type: Mac 

THC Content: 20.3 percent total THC  

Nugs: Semi compact, hairs are bunchy. Uniform sizes like popcorn 

Odor: Full, rich, like spices. Citrusy and bold 

Taste: Dark and bold flavor. Not sweet, but has a dessert-ish essence 

High: Easy and mellow, brightening and comforting 


Mac Strain Review 

Bold and spicy yet smooth like tiramisu, Mac has the quality of a treat. It’s like a nice dessert in a weed strain. Feels very round and stays on the tip of your tongue. Mac feels like a warm hug or a blue cloud you’re napping on mid-day while daydreaming. The comfortable sweater. The burn of an easy liquor you love. 

The essence is light and airy, like an afternoon that doesn’t need to end. It’s a coffee after a nice meal. Croissants and butter scones. A crisp white tablecloth and a comfy puffy-armed chair. You can smoke from a pipe indoors, sitting and watching from an armchair in the corner. Dark broody vibes and books on the walls. Billiard balls crashing in the upstairs attic of the pub. Or, you’re embroiled in a chess game with a close friend. The candle burns low. Roasted coffee served fresh from the barista who knows your usual order. It’s a grey rainy day, but you brought an umbrella. The perfect speed of a Sunday.  


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