Mac – A Warm Sweater & The Chill Rainy Day Vibes 

Fall is here and it’s time to fall into your favorite weed strains that brighten the darkest and greyest of days. Mac is a strong and easy strain and it fits just right like the comfy worn sweater you look forward to wearing every fall. Try it on! 

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DEA Chief Rosenberg Resigns – Now What?

Acting DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg announced on September 26th that he planned to resign, citing concerns over lack of confidence in the president and current administration. A holdover pick from the Obama Administration, his tenure will last until October 1st. While Rosenberg’s resignation leaves the future of marijuana up in the air, his replacement has not yet been named. To date, Rosenberg did not have a friendly stance on weed legalization.

As The Huffington Post reported, “Rosenberg reportedly clashed with the Justice Department after the DEA announced plans in 2016 to begin issuing more marijuana cultivation permits for research purposes. As of this summer, the drug agency had not approved a single new application.” Continue reading DEA Chief Rosenberg Resigns – Now What?

Deep Blue Hash’d

A creative and energetic Indica-dominant hybrid

Blue Hash was a delightful new strain picked from Pullman’s pot shop, We’re Just Buds. One of several new growers introduced to Eastern Washington by the awesome pot shops (go check them out if you’re in town!); we found it to be euphoric, happy and a little bit spacy. A 60-40 indica split, it’s mild enough to enjoy during the day, without providing wicked couchlock. Continue reading Deep Blue Hash’d

Snoop Dogg Dreamin’

Spacy and Dreamy

Sourced from Ocean Greens in Seattle, Snoop Dogg Dream is a strain we’ll be coming back to again and again. We’re fans of the rap/rasta legend’s tunes and even bigger fans of his weed! Grown by Auric AG, it’s a hybrid that leans on the Indica side, making it perfect for relaxation and deep thinking. Light it up with friends, light it up alone; this weed is sure to bring you peace and comfort. Continue reading Snoop Dogg Dreamin’