Chasing the White Rhino


Citrus, Skunky and Potent

White Rhino is a hybrid, indica-dominant blend that uplifts and relaxes your mind. Grown by dama, it is a winning strain prized for its intense effects and strong, potent smell.

Dama produces premium cannabis products, include dried flowers. They have created highly refined, potent weed strain that are designed with the users’ pleasure in mind. Making marijuana into an entire sensory experience, they improve your general sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance your mood. Continue reading Chasing the White Rhino

Deep Blue Hash’d

A creative and energetic Indica-dominant hybrid

Blue Hash was a delightful new strain picked from Pullman’s pot shop, We’re Just Buds. One of several new growers introduced to Eastern Washington by the awesome pot shops (go check them out if you’re in town!); we found it to be euphoric, happy and a little bit spacy. A 60-40 indica split, it’s mild enough to enjoy during the day, without providing wicked couchlock. Continue reading Deep Blue Hash’d

Stayin’ True OG

OG = Ocean Grown

True to the OG lineage, True OG kush brings strong head-high affects with a classic indica body rush. A frequent winner of medicinal competitions, this weed is also loved by recreational users. Fitting that we’d buy originally ocean-grown weed from an Oceanside shop, the experience couldn’t have been better. The pot shop this strain was sourced from is one of our new favorites. The only shore-side weed store in Washington, Have a Heart Ocean Shores has the friendliest budtenders and a fantastic selection. Their energy couldn’t have been more on point, and after stopping for a photo with the gang, we picked out this great treat. Continue reading Stayin’ True OG

The Great Northern Haze

Good bud for the midday

Northern Haze was purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. I felt cerebral that day and was guided to the sativa-dominant Northern Haze by one of the charming Budtenders. I’ve been a consistent fan of Haze hybrids in the past and needed festive flowers to contribute at my friends’ Holiday gathering. In the context of a social setting, Northern Haze will spark just the right vibe. Continue reading The Great Northern Haze

Snoop Dogg Dreamin’

Spacy and Dreamy

Sourced from Ocean Greens in Seattle, Snoop Dogg Dream is a strain we’ll be coming back to again and again. We’re fans of the rap/rasta legend’s tunes and even bigger fans of his weed! Grown by Auric AG, it’s a hybrid that leans on the Indica side, making it perfect for relaxation and deep thinking. Light it up with friends, light it up alone; this weed is sure to bring you peace and comfort. Continue reading Snoop Dogg Dreamin’

Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

Settles slowly and sharply and is very clear.

Purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. Drawn to the packaging, production value, and producer reputation; recommended by a professional budtender. Originally bred as a 50 percent Haze cross that maintained sativa tendencies and accelerated flowering period. Named after the late Jack Herer, proponent of decriminalization and all-around human being.

Info to Know: Did you know the narwhal is considered the unicorn of the sea? Continue reading Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

The Ogopogo Gold Standard

A relaxing, social choice

Ogopogo Gold is a quirky strain that is as unique as its name. Picked wicked fresh from Spokane’s first recreational shop, Spokane Green Leaf, we were pleased to find growers’ packaging methods ever evolving. We’ve found some great glass jars for weed before, but Ogopogo’s ounce comes in a curated mason jar! Ogopogo Gold is grown by 509 Da Kine and is a great Sativa with strong head rushes and a taste to die for. Continue reading The Ogopogo Gold Standard

That Sensi State of Mind

Mellow and Chillaxed

Recommended at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, the scent is strong with this one. Hauntingly beautiful and dense buds draw the eye along thick frosted leaves. A hybrid with a glowing track record, take a chance on this one for the experience itself. Continue reading That Sensi State of Mind

When Life Gives You Lemon

A true hybrid, blending physical relaxation and intellectual comfort.

Picked fresh from the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, you’ll first notice the sharp greens of these buds seem better described as limes than lemons. A hybrid leaning towards the thought-provoking, sativa, side of the spectrum, Lemon shies from the heavy lidded glow of its cousin, Lemon Skunk, instead pairing bright scent and clear vibes. Nothing extravagant, but it has a crystal quality and is very smooth. Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemon

Get Permafrost-ed

Feel the icy chill. 

Permafrost has been regularly consumed around Toke Tank, but we wanted to give you a peek into this great daytime strain that’s awesome to have on hand for any occasion. Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant strain that’s great for socialization, focus and creativity. Continue reading Get Permafrost-ed