That Sensi State of Mind

Mellow and Chillaxed

Recommended at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, the scent is strong with this one. Hauntingly beautiful and dense buds draw the eye along thick frosted leaves. A hybrid with a glowing track record, take a chance on this one for the experience itself.


Info to Know: Spirituality and religion are wholly different concepts. Get to know your soul beneath and outside the labels!

  • (Did you know?): THC vs. THCa: THCa is the precursor of THC. The “acid-form” of our favorite psychoactive element. Combustion activated.

Type: Hybrid, Indica-dominant.

THC Content: 17.12 percent total THC

Rating: 3.5/5 – The Cheshire Kid (smell) 3.2/5 J

Nugs: Jagged shards of crystal flower leaf shit. Rocky and mountainous. Almost windblown. Regal. Healthy blossoms from sturdy stems but at first glance appears almost frail and sparse. Don’t let that fool you. Hairing is uneven at best, and nugs vary in size and shape. Light green, dark green, yellows, very dense little flower buds

Odor: highly aromatic, pungent, bamboo forest type, opens the door and walks right in. scrumptious. One whiff must be followed by a sharp exhale of surprise. Likely to be the clearest scent you’ll experience that day.

Taste: so flavorful it’s like a Dr. Pepper. Full. Almost a little harsh to hit, more sudden onrush of feeling.

High: like a golden brown marshmallow. Buoyant. Mellow and chillaxed. Might make you feel like playing air guitar. You might not be sure whether you’re zoned out or zoned in. Stronger visual aspect, focus-wise. Independence of sight!



Sensi Star

Literally, the smell. You’ll know what I mean. Dense buds and harvest orange crystals glitter. Shreds into a fine, even grain, burns sharply. Hits just as sharp, but quickly rises and warms the mind leaving unhurried breath and a gentle sigh.

Produced by Puffin Farm, Northwest Cannabis distributor, in Kittitas County, Washington. Grown using natural products for a low eco-footprint and a charming, well-branded vibe. Did you know they use QR codes? (this is a QR code:

(yes. I’m sitting here like woah and my eyes are all warm. )

Sample, if nothing else, to witness the pungent flowers. Sample, because the Sensi will bring thoughts of galaxies. Best paired with slow tunes and a moment to yourself.

-The Cheshire Kid

Photos: The Cheshire Kid, Unsplash

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