Making Friends with an Ogre

Friendly and relaxing, with the potential to overwhelm you

While several cannabis strains may call themselves ‘Ogre,’ this delightful bud from Dogtown Pioneers is the green giant we want to meet. An Indica-dominant strain that packs quite a punch, it is perfect for those seeking relaxation, peace and an intense body high.


Info to Know: Ogres are from folklore, often portrayed as giant, predatory and grotesque beasts. This weed strain is none of those things.

Type: Ogre, Indica-dominant (70-30)

THC Content: 11.9 percent

Odor: Spicy citrus, hints of lemon and pine

Taste: Fruity, sweet, earthy

High: Spacy and intense; relaxing and invigorating at the same time



One hit of Ogre invigorates your mind, but the high soon presses on top of you like a heavy giant sitting on your back. With the rush washing over you, you begin to want more and soon make friends with this commanding foe. Tame the ogre, and it’s yours.

Related to the award-winning and powerful strain Sensi Star, Ogre lives up to its hard-hitting name. It’s a spacy strain, that’s powerful and relaxing, but often causes the user to blank out on the past few seconds of time, more so than other weed strains. But fear not! This ogre’s on your side.

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