Marijuana and Pet Safety: Are You Prepared?

We love legalization, but some of our household pets may not enjoy it so much. While edibles and other awesome ways of ingesting marijuana become increasingly easy in states that have legalized bud, it’s also becoming simpler for dogs and cats to get their paws on the green. It’s important you’re aware of these dangers if you plan on lighting up or whipping together a batch of pot brownies so you can keep your furry friends safe. Here are some tips to be aware of.

Don’t Leave Marijuana Out

It’s tempting to leave your edibles or weed out on the table when you’re enjoying a smoke sesh, but an important part of being a pet owner is keeping your animals safe at all times. Don’t allow pets to be alone with baked goods containing marijuana because they can’t tell the difference. Some pets even eat uncooked weed buds, so don’t always assume you’re safe if it’s on the table. (As a bonus for you, properly storing your weed in an airtight container keeps it fresher!)

Pay Attention to Ingredients

Know basic ingredients that are poisonous to your pets, namely chocolate which is usually incorporated into brownies and cookies.  Chocolate and marijuana can result in a more poisonous experience for a pet than each item on its own.

Symptoms to Know

Watch out for these symptoms if your pet has been in danger of ingesting marijuana-laced food products. Symptoms of marijuana poisoning can be seen in dogs and cats about 1 to 2 hours after ingestion.

Dogs and cats may exhibit signs of depression, tremors, vomiting, hallucinations, hypothermia and disorientation.

If a dog or cat has ingested marijuana, they need to be seen by a veterinarian right away. Typically, the vet can induce vomiting, which will help remove the majority of the drug from the pet’s stomach. Do not assume that since an animal is throwing up on its own it is “fine.” It should still be seen immediately. Since these visits can quickly accrue steep financial debts, it may be in your best interest to purchase pet insurance.

You’ll be glad you took some basic safety precautions to protect your pet from marijuana poisoning. Following these simple tips can help save your animals’ life and you’ll be able to smoke without worry. Safety first!

These tips were adapted from Pets Best’s tips for keeping household pets safe. Do you have any other tips?

Photo: The Queen of Clovers

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