What Does 4/20 Mean To You?

4/20: A Time for Celebration and Reflection

Tomorrow the marijuana world will be celebrating a holiday that’s been around for decades, but has only recently become mainstream acceptable since the advent of legalization. Now that eight states and counting have ended marijuana prohibition, 4/20 is a day celebrated with even more pride. We asked several cannabis business owners why they celebrate the holiday and what it means to them; here’s what they had to say. Continue reading What Does 4/20 Mean To You?

A Rabbi, A Priest and An Atheist Walked Into a Dispensary…

No, that isn’t the beginning of a crude joke; in fact, it’s the premise of Cut.com’s latest viral video that has the internet talking. Continue reading A Rabbi, A Priest and An Atheist Walked Into a Dispensary…

Bow to the Master Kush

Winner of the Toke Tank Green Gold Award 2017: Best Indica Strain

Like igniting your inner power and taking control.

The delightful Egyptian-inspired package drew our attention to Ra Cannabis’ Master Kush while browsing at Satori MJ in Spokane. After all, historians have found evidence that suggests cannabis was used in Egypt as far back as 3,000 BCE. The high it brings is deep, relaxing, mellow and thought-provoking. Continue reading Bow to the Master Kush

Herb’d Basting Butter for Roasted Turkey [Danksgiving]

No Danksgiving turkey is complete without a delightful dressing of herb butter; it’s essential for keeping the turkey moist and flavorful during its journey in your oven.

Your Danksgiving turkey deserves to be dressed in the best; a flavorful herb butter is key to keeping the turkey moist and flavorful while it’s roasting. While cannabutter is a classic basic marijuana edible, we took it up a notch and created Herb’d Basting Butter, which is created using an amazing new tool, the Magical Butter machine (disclosure: it was provided for review). Continue reading Herb’d Basting Butter for Roasted Turkey [Danksgiving]

Fearless Female Fashion Accessories: Spotlight on Erbanna

“I went on a quest to find something with a better design aesthetic, feminine, odor-controlled and that didn’t scream ‘I’m carrying marijuana!’ but it simply did not exist.  So I decided to make it.”

There is a shortage of stylish smoking accessories for women; especially ones that help you stay discreet. Many women love to enjoy cannabis, especially since it helps reduce stress on a hectic day. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without anyone noticing the strong smell of their weed, Erbanna is for you. Why did Erbanna create fashionable products for women in the weed world? Read on for a look into the company from the Owner and Founder of Erbanna, Ann Shuch. Continue reading Fearless Female Fashion Accessories: Spotlight on Erbanna

Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

Settles slowly and sharply and is very clear.

Purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. Drawn to the packaging, production value, and producer reputation; recommended by a professional budtender. Originally bred as a 50 percent Haze cross that maintained sativa tendencies and accelerated flowering period. Named after the late Jack Herer, proponent of decriminalization and all-around human being.

Info to Know: Did you know the narwhal is considered the unicorn of the sea? Continue reading Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

Aromatic AK-47

Herby, spicy, aromatic

Looking for a hard-hitting daytime Sativa that packs a big bang for the bowl? AK-47’s name perfectly describes the high that hits you like a train as soon as you’ve taken a hit but the calm, euphoric feeling afterward goes against the name. This strong Sativa-dominant hybrid is pleasant and uplifting without too spacy of a head high. We found this gem made by Root Down from MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman, Washington. It’s got an intense name and an intense come-up, but the high will leave you feeling mellow and easy. Continue reading Aromatic AK-47

That Sensi State of Mind

Mellow and Chillaxed

Recommended at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle, the scent is strong with this one. Hauntingly beautiful and dense buds draw the eye along thick frosted leaves. A hybrid with a glowing track record, take a chance on this one for the experience itself. Continue reading That Sensi State of Mind

Mesmerized by Critical +

An intense high that’s unexpected and enjoyable

Looking for another essential element of your day? Look no further than the Critical + strain. Grown by Farmer J’s in Eastern Washington, this was a relaxing trip with strong mental and physical effects. It’s a Sativa so it was a head-y and mental experience, but was still relaxing enough for a full-body adventure. Continue reading Mesmerized by Critical +

Get Permafrost-ed

Feel the icy chill. 

Permafrost has been regularly consumed around Toke Tank, but we wanted to give you a peek into this great daytime strain that’s awesome to have on hand for any occasion. Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant strain that’s great for socialization, focus and creativity. Continue reading Get Permafrost-ed