What Does 4/20 Mean To You?

4/20: A Time for Celebration and Reflection

Tomorrow the marijuana world will be celebrating a holiday that’s been around for decades, but has only recently become mainstream acceptable since the advent of legalization. Now that eight states and counting have ended marijuana prohibition, 4/20 is a day celebrated with even more pride. We asked several cannabis business owners why they celebrate the holiday and what it means to them; here’s what they had to say.

What Does 4/20 Mean To You?

A Symbol of Growth


“To me, 4/20 is a symbol of growth. Each year, cannabis industry professionals look back on the steps that the legalization movement and space have taken since the last 4/20, and it’s increasingly clear that cannabis is being held in increasingly high regard, both from a cultural standpoint as well as a medical perspective. I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to look back on where we’ve come from and to know that there’ll be a number of positive steps to look forward to as well.”  –Pantelis Ataliotis, President of Dr. Dabber

A Day of Appreciation

TT.420.QuoteArticle.Elevated.4.17.2017 (2).png

“The majority of U.S. residents support cannabis legalization, which is quite a shift from when it was looked at with contempt and wariness by many. Cannabis has been elevated to a place of appreciation as a recreational substance and as a form of medical treatment- right where it belongs.”  –Danny Davis, Managing Partner of Convectium

A Lifelong Love


“4/20 will always hold a place in my heart. I started working for High Times at a young age as an intern because I was a true fan of the plant and community as a whole. The cannabis industry has taken me to places where I can see 4/20 being exploited, I’d be lying if I said it won’t mean something to me forever. 4/20 embodies the spirit of the culture around the plant that has brought me to where I am today.”  –Matt Stang, Chief Revenue Officer of High Times

A Universal Holiday

TT.420.QuotesArticle.Universal.4.17.2017 (1).png

“The universal nature of 4/20 has always been inspiring to me. The fact that the day is celebrated all over the country by such a broad cross-section of people; college students, senior citizens, and even soccer moms and NASCAR dads – It’s a positive reminder that support for sensible cannabis policies and access to safe cannabis products is universal in the US and around the world.”  –Will Waldrop, CEO of Signal Bay, Inc.

As we enjoy some weed this 4/20, it’s important to remember the steps taken by activists in the past that paved the way for being able to legally purchase cannabis from your local pot shop.

Now we celebrate – what does 4/20 mean to you?


Photos: Toke Tank, Unsplash


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