Herb’d Basting Butter for Roasted Turkey [Danksgiving]

No Danksgiving turkey is complete without a delightful dressing of herb butter; it’s essential for keeping the turkey moist and flavorful during its journey in your oven.

Your Danksgiving turkey deserves to be dressed in the best; a flavorful herb butter is key to keeping the turkey moist and flavorful while it’s roasting. While cannabutter is a classic basic marijuana edible, we took it up a notch and created Herb’d Basting Butter, which is created using an amazing new tool, the Magical Butter machine (disclosure: it was provided for review).

The process of making cannabutter can be incredibly labor intensive – multiple pots are required for double boiling, it takes hours of manual stirring and checking, and it can take up a stove space that you could be putting to better use, especially when cooking a large Danksgiving dinner. The Magical Butter machine removes all of these steps, since it completes the process for you directly on your counter top, with no stirring required.

It turns making herbal oils, butter, and tincture into a very simple process. Just load the right ingredients, set the temperature, set the time and you are good to go. This machine heats and stirs the blend so the herbal mixtures can fully bond with the fats in the oil or butter. Built-in laboratory-grade temperature controls will keep the blend to the perfect temperature to make the magic happen. The stainless steel design turns your kitchen industrial spaceship where you can fly to any dimension you please.


Making cannabutter and oils has never been easier. This wonderful machine does all the work for you and turns a once tedious all-day task into pressing a few buttons and walking back in an hour to perfect herbal infused butter. With the option to make anywhere from 2-5 cups at a time, it is perfect for making small batches or large party sized portions. With the added bonus of easily creating tinctures, a whole new world of marijuana enjoyment can be discovered. We think it is great for making any edible you desire, but especially the basting butter for your Danksgiving turkey.

Herb’d Basting Butter for Roasted Turkey

1 ½ tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped

1 tablespoon fresh sage, chopped

½ tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped

1 teaspoon salt

As much unsalted butter as you need

As much finely ground marijuana as you desire. Click here for dosing guidelines.


Here’s how you make it:

Decarboxylate your marijuana.

Preheat your oven to 210ºF

Spread the finely ground marijuana out on a baking dish and cover with a lid

Place the dish on the center oven rack

Close the oven and let cook for 30-60 minutes


Combine all ingredients into your Magical Butter machine and make sure the lid is securely in place.

Press the temperature button and set to 160ºF.

Press the “2 Hours Butter” button.

After 2 hours, unplug the machine and carefully remove the lid (use the oven mitt that comes in the kit).

You can strain out the contents of the mix if you desire. But some prefer to leave them in for more flavor.

Poor the contents into a bowl, ramekin or glass measuring cup.

Drizzle on top of your turkey as it roasts in the oven, the more often the better!


Learn more about the Magical Butter machine here.


Photos: Unsplash, Magical Butter


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