Cannabis Cooking: Your Guide to Danksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving = Get High and Eat Shit Tons of Food


The holiday devoted to eating, drinking and being merry enjoying fall harvest has arrived! While Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with friends and family and give thanks, it’s also a time to get super baked and give in to the munchies, guilt free.


What’s on your Danksgiving menu? Here are some great cannabis-infused options if you want to make your food eating and getting stoned more efficient:

Danksgiving 2017 Menu

giphy (2)

Cranberries with Rum-Soaked Raisins, Toasted Pine Nuts and Canna-Applejack

Magical Mashed Potatoes

Hemp Seed Farmhouse Bread

Herb’d Basting Butter + Roasted Turkey

BAKED Apple Pie

And if you want to get super weird, try this Cannabis Cashew Chicken.

giphy (3)

Happy Danksgiving!

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