Chasing the White Rhino


Citrus, Skunky and Potent

White Rhino is a hybrid, indica-dominant blend that uplifts and relaxes your mind. Grown by dama, it is a winning strain prized for its intense effects and strong, potent smell.

Dama produces premium cannabis products, include dried flowers. They have created highly refined, potent weed strain that are designed with the users’ pleasure in mind. Making marijuana into an entire sensory experience, they improve your general sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and enhance your mood. Continue reading Chasing the White Rhino

Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer

Settles slowly and sharply and is very clear.

Purchased at the Dockside Cannabis in North Seattle. Drawn to the packaging, production value, and producer reputation; recommended by a professional budtender. Originally bred as a 50 percent Haze cross that maintained sativa tendencies and accelerated flowering period. Named after the late Jack Herer, proponent of decriminalization and all-around human being.

Info to Know: Did you know the narwhal is considered the unicorn of the sea? Continue reading Clothing the Emperor, Jack Herer